I want to start writing in a journal. A personal journal; a real hardcopy, not an online journal. I want it to be honest. I’ve heard people use nicknames when referring to people in real life in writing and I don’t want to do that. 
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Originally I thought it would be fun to be blunt about it and use real names. Then, I thought it might be cool to replace all the names with ‘you.’ So all the people that I write about can blend into one being. So it could connect us and create some kind of cohesive unity. 
Then I thought about the ways it would reflect me. If I’m only writing about ‘you’ I’m only writing from one me. Whereas if I’m writing about each person in my life I’m writing from the different me’s that exist when I’m surrounded by each person. The way I change based on the energy that person gives off or the way we relate and work with each other. 
I haven’t decided yet.
Do you keep a journal? If so, how do you write about people?