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I’m writing this post from bed because I’m sick. ):
Every time I get sick there’s a warning. And every time I choose to ignore it and say this time’s different; my hair will hurt. If I have it up in a hair tie it’ll hurt and feel sore. Weird, huh?
a street near my house; taken by Christine
Anyway, my hair hurt this morning and I ignored it and went out anyway. Christine &I built an igloo. Or at least started to. We want to finish it tomorrow but I guess it depends on how I feel.
me: climbing out of our igloo
Me &Christine
Thawing with hot chocolate
We had a good time.
I just ate an orange & took some medicine – hopefully when I wake up I wont have a fever anymore.

Yesterday’s Adventure

Yesterday, I took an adventure. I’ve been wanting to take more pictures of the more rural sides of Vermont (I’m from Long Island, even the suburbs of Burlington seem rural to me!) I bought an expired disposable camera the other day (it’s only a few months expired, maybe I should just wait until the summer to use it so the colors will be more distorted.)  Anyway, I set out on a photo adventure by myself. 

There wasn’t really any places to pull over -the one time I stopped at the beginning of a long driveway the homeowners came home. Then it started drizzling -and I think I already messed up my lens from letting it sit in the cold that one day earlier this week! ): 
So, I put my camera up on my dashboard and used my remote to take pictures while I drove. (I really want to make a mount for it.)

And this is where it happened. There was ice going down the hill after this bend. As I braked, my car skid. My car turned 90 degrees and came close to falling off the road. I jerked the wheel and spun 180 – almost falling off the other side. This happened a few times. Thankfully, I managed to stay on the road without hitting anything -at the time I thought for sure I was going to mess up the car at least a little bit. After that I was shaking. I stopped the car, there was no one else coming behind me. I took pictures of the rest of the hill and the little bridge at the bottom:

I was extremely thankful for the situation; it was a learning experience. &I’m okay! I went to go call my parents (I’m really scared to drive this car in snowy/icy situations, it’s not heavy enough!) and realized that I didn’t even have service there. Scary thought of crashing and not even having service. Anyway, I drove slow and cautiously after that, taking only a few pics:

And then I found this:

ah, winter mornings!

Aah, this morning has been a good one.
I stayed up late and slept right through my alarm.
but what’s the rush, anyway?

Right now I’m enjoying this light breakfast
(it’s still called breakfast even if it’s in the afternoon, right?)

sourdough toast + red raspberry jam
a banana
hot cocoa

Today I also reached the 500 sale milestone.
Thank you for all of your support! xo


This is what winter means to me. Being outside in the cold and knowing there’s always that warm, cozy place you waiting for you. Knowing that there’s a changing of seasons, that nothing lasts or stays forever. Being so grateful that your home is warm, because there’s never any certainty. Living for right now, and being thankful for every second.
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Look what we got in the mail today!

A tiny little Christmas tree – a surprise that my mom sent! How cute!

she wasn’t sure what to think of it

 &Yes, it’s a real tree!

it’s small enough to decorate on the bed!

Sean made us an angel out of tin foil – Thanks Sean!

Thanks Mom! We love it! &We love you!

The time has come for colds and overcoats

There’s a chance of snow for the next week here in Vermont. This will be my first snow since I made the move up north. I figured I should be prepared:

Faux fur hat, it might not be as warm as it looks but I just love how adorable it is!
Mt Holly Tall Duck Boots – Timberland

Now all I need is a good cowl and a pair of legwarmers!

The title is lyrics by Brand New
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