I’ve seen so many ships sail in…

We have one chance

One chance to get everything right
So lately I’ve kept to myself a lot. I’m having a hard time replying when people convo/text me. It’s not that I’m insensitive or that don’t care. It’s just I have a lot going on in my head and I don’t really know the right things to say. It’s hard to get the words out, even though it sounds silly now that I’m typing it. I guess I just need time.
So, remember that website I found? WeHeartIt.com? I’m addicted. I love looking through it; such beautiful inspiring pics for sure:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about art. I decided to go to a state school next semester. One that isn’t known for being crazy demanding so I can continue to take art classes at the Art League. Lately I’ve been really inspired to be creative and I love the idea of continuing down that path while still getting a degree in say business [management.] &I really hope to take more art history classes. I’ve actually been thinking about posting small art history tidbits. It’s something that I loveeeeee to learn and talk about – but I usually end up boring the people I’m around. They don’t understand how I can find something as boring as ART HISTORY so fascinating. So maybe I’ll have to take out my textbooks and refresh my memory and do little posts. Maybe.

But for now here are some of my recent (okay, so maybe the snow one was taken in March..) photos that I haven’t put up on the blog yet:

We have one chance
One chance to get everything right
My friends, my habits, my family
They mean so much to me
I just don’t think that it’s right
I’ve seen so many ships sail in
Just to head back out again and go off sinking


P.S. I had my jewelry making class tonight and I made another Aventurine ring – this one was for my mom. Maybe I’ll put them in my shop as a ‘made to order’ since I can only make them in my Monday class.

Quick post before curling up

Okay, so my new read, Breakfast of Champions (Kurt Vonnegut) awaits me and so I have to make this post quick;

These are for you, Amy. These are the pictures of the first sterling silver ring I ever made. I know it’s not perfect (but I have to admit, it came out a lot nicer than I had expected.) I think the band is too thick, makes the whole ring seem too geometric. I used a bezel cup (I guess that means I cheated!) and a 6mm soft green aventurine stone.

I can’t wait to make more. I’m actually thinking about investing all the $$ I saved up for the materials I need to make this stuff at home (like the basics for soldering and a tumbler!) But it may be a bad idea considering I have access to all this stuff at school (art league.)

Speaking of the art league… I had my photo class last night – we did stop action. We made a mess but had a lot of fun. This is my best shot from the session:

&I got a pic of the typewriter; I love how mechanical it is. My dad is a mechanical engineer and this shot reminds me of going down to his workshop and learning about all the different machines he had when I was a kid.

Can you tell I’ve been busy taking a lot of pictures? I have been inspired many times before to take at least one picture a day. I’ve tried shuttercal for the new year (twice!) and taking pics everyday once I moved into my dorm. Every time I stopped. Not for any reason, but I just got bored after a while. Some of you know Danielle Moser – she is doing a photo a day for the entire month.

I love her photography and not only is she inspiring but her photos are motivating me. Check out her blog: Biscuit.

With that being said – expect more photos from me. Even if they’re casual. I want to capture things with character, or at least a little bit of my personality. 😉

Oh! As I was checking my analytics today I found this site was referring to my blog: weheartit.com it’s like a collection of photos that people favorite. Indie meets High Fashion kinda thing. I like it, gorgeous to browse through – so many talented photographers compiled together. I’m flattered that it was referring back to my little blog but I wasn’t able to find which photo was featured – I wonder if it was even mine (I always link back to the source if the photo isn’t mine – like the one above, gorgeous, huh? I wish it were mine. lol)

And now to read. then sleep. mmmm.

P.S. I can’t resist posting a video (well an audio – but youtube is great for that too!)

reminds me of the period in between infatuation and getting to know someone. beautiful.