Weekly Finds Wednesday

So I’m thinking about posting my weekly (online) finds on Wednesdays. I don’t really have time to write so this post will be all about the pictures. (click the image to go to the source.)

When I say I love you I mean it

and this is how I mean it: If I need you near me for whatever reason, you should be here. Half the time you’re not, and I feel like I am constantly begging you to touch me. When you do life is bliss, when you fail, I fall. When I say I love you, it means that I want to have a life with you – not with the random pretty boy at the convenience store. I know you believe me and I believe you when we say it, but fuck man, a phone call everyday and seeing me 3-4 times a week isn’t good enough. Don’t think about me all the time, just look at me.
I want passion.

A good kiss is a stain that is hard to erase, but bleach can fade it away.