Abel & Lovely

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So I park my car and go into this cozy shop; Abel & Lovely.

I fell in love with the place. The feeling was cozy, indie and rustic.

I talked to the owner, Kristen Baker, who was writing her holiday cards while I browsed. She was so nice and welcoming -the whole place was really. She let me take pictures of her gorgeous store and made me feel at home. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that comfortable in a small, local shop before. It almost felt more like a home than a store, I wanted to stay and look at everything.

Abel & Lovely carries work from local artists, vintage items and other fun things. From candles, to vintage typewriters to body products -they have a wide variety of unique items.

And since we don’t really have many mugs at home for tea &hot cocoa, I ended up bring home this mug:

Not only do I plan on going back, but I plan on going back this week -before I leave for Long Island for the holidays. (Kristen told me she lived in Stonybrook -small world, huh?)

You can visit Abel & Lovely’s website and facebook page.


Yesterday’s Adventure

Yesterday, I took an adventure. I’ve been wanting to take more pictures of the more rural sides of Vermont (I’m from Long Island, even the suburbs of Burlington seem rural to me!) I bought an expired disposable camera the other day (it’s only a few months expired, maybe I should just wait until the summer to use it so the colors will be more distorted.)  Anyway, I set out on a photo adventure by myself. 

There wasn’t really any places to pull over -the one time I stopped at the beginning of a long driveway the homeowners came home. Then it started drizzling -and I think I already messed up my lens from letting it sit in the cold that one day earlier this week! ): 
So, I put my camera up on my dashboard and used my remote to take pictures while I drove. (I really want to make a mount for it.)

And this is where it happened. There was ice going down the hill after this bend. As I braked, my car skid. My car turned 90 degrees and came close to falling off the road. I jerked the wheel and spun 180 – almost falling off the other side. This happened a few times. Thankfully, I managed to stay on the road without hitting anything -at the time I thought for sure I was going to mess up the car at least a little bit. After that I was shaking. I stopped the car, there was no one else coming behind me. I took pictures of the rest of the hill and the little bridge at the bottom:

I was extremely thankful for the situation; it was a learning experience. &I’m okay! I went to go call my parents (I’m really scared to drive this car in snowy/icy situations, it’s not heavy enough!) and realized that I didn’t even have service there. Scary thought of crashing and not even having service. Anyway, I drove slow and cautiously after that, taking only a few pics:

And then I found this:

Saturday’s Trip – Photoheavy.

Yesterday, I woke up and there was snow dusting on the ground;
Sean needed to go to Bolton to get his season pass for skiing.

 So Liza &I joined him, taking along both my camera and my mom’s camera (that I brought up to VT.)

First things first. I bought a cheap remote for my canon. It doesn’t work as well as I would like but it makes pictures in the car more fun~

Texting Bean!

While Sean was getting the pass Liza &I had fun taking pictures of eachother:

The drive back was soo pretty:

&of course we stopped to see the camel. Which meant we had to park our car and walk;

yes, that’s right. Sean was crazy enough to go out in flip flops. Way to go, Sean!

Thanks Liza, for the teeth shot-

Then we headed back to the car;

&took some more pics in the parking lot

We headed back home while the sun was setting in the city~


Remember this picture of Kathy &Sabian?

These are Sabian’s photos from that day:

Sabian York, 8 years old
Sabian York, 8 years old

Sabian York, 8 years old

See the original post: here.


So, let me tell you something that I think is really strange~
I’m following a handful of people on tumblr who I don’t know; mainly because I love looking through the pictures they post (I have a nice collection of really cute cat photos I’ll have to show you one day thanks to them!)  I was on my dashboard yesterday and came across this pic:
Here’s the weird part: I know this house. Actually, I’ve always thought it was funny as a kid when I used to visit Vermont. (I always did wonder how they managed to get the circles so precise and clean.) Right now I probably live a mile away from it. 
The weird part? I don’t know the person who posted it. I don’t even know if they live in America. I highly doubt they live in Vermont or even know the person who took the photo. (they did get the photo from this flickr)
Anyway, last night Liza, Sean and I went downtown to the yoga studio so they could practice (while I read) because Liza had to clean it. Of course I brought my camera and got this shot of church street; I think it captures the mood well.
Do you think it’s weird that if I don’t blog a specific day lately I’ve been adding the blog under the time and date I wish I wrote &published it?


From Sunday’s Adventure (featuring me & Liza)

Liza, my roommate

a little snake we found



taken by Liza


how cute is she?!

Teapot cloud

The ultimate roommate picture;
this cracks us up.

Our loom came yesterday! We’re planning on buying yarn today-
(I can’t wait to buy hand spun yarn on etsy!)

Art Hop!

The other day I was featured in Lisa’s Burlington Art Hop! treasury. It was very exciting that she found me considering I JUST moved to Burlington. Anyway, Lisa from ellepaisley told me to stop by and say hi – so I did! I didn’t have much time to go, but I ended up catching the very end. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so these are pictures I’m taking from etsy:

It was so nice to meet Lisa and her partner. They just moved to Burlington too! (But they moved from Portland Oregon – which is funny because I’m thinking that might be my next destination after Vermont. We’ll have to see about that though.) They were both so friendly and helpful, I can’t thank Lisa enough for contacting me in the first place! Her items were so pretty laid out next to each other – I really wish I had brought my camera.
I met Kacey from subsixstudios briefly and she was so nice! She runs a show in November that I’m going to be applying to (keep your fingers crossed for me!) Her items all looked so cute and it made me realized I don’t even know how prepared I would be to sell things in person!

COOBoriginals had a table there too, but when I was around he was busy talking to potential buyers so I didn’t want to interrupt. All of his items were made from old skateboards! Neat, huh? People around here are pretty creative.

The Vermont art scene is turning out to be pretty cool and I really hope to figure out where to start when it comes to selling items in person! (:

Oh, oh, oh! My roommate, Liza, and I were talking about how cool it would be to weave our own scarves. So impulsively we bought a beginner tabletop loom! Neither of us know anything about it so, it should be fun when this thing comes in the mail!


I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am here in Vermont.

I’m so excited to be here for so many reasons:

source: weheartit
My apartment is so cute, that sometimes when I’m out I think of how warm and special it is that I can’t wait just to go back home just to be in this space.

My roommate is absolutely wonderful. Every night we talk and have so much fun just hanging out, I know this year is going to be a really great one. We have really different perspectives because she’s from Vermont and I’m from NYC’s suburbs, which is really different but really cool.

College. My first days of classes have been wonderful! I’m so excited to be back in school in such a positive learning environment. It’s really helping me grow. I can feel it.

All the people I’m surrounded by are just incredible. And I’m not comparing individual people, but back home it’s sometimes hard to fight all the negativity and here I feel like my soul is a little bit more free.

I’m really excited to learn. Learn how to cook HEALTHY by myself, for myself. Learn about gemstones and all of these really cool things my roommate is knowledgeable about. Learn about CERAMICS because Sean already signed up and Liza, Jeremy &me are thinking about joining the studio too (at least for a month) and just all of these things that are avaliable here. I feel like I have an overwhelming amount of potential and now it’s up to me to use these resources and things that are in front of me!

Overall, I’m just soooooo happy to be here and just live and see how things go. So far it’s been such a positive experience that I highly recommend anyone who has ever thought about picking up and moving to do it (especially alone! I think this makes a HUGE difference.) There are ALWAYS going to be things that will hold you back, but you have to realize once you throw yourself into a situation like that things will be good if you REALLY want them to be good. If you focus on that things will work out. It’s amazing how everything falls into place if you really let them.
I am so thankful. ♥

&I’d really like to say happy belated birthday to my best friend, Jessie. I hope 20 is a great year! I was totally going to write you this whole big thing but I didn’t have internet when it was your birthday (lame excuse, huh?) I really want you to know that I’m proud of you for going to England for a semester by yourself. And you know we’ll stay biffs even though we’re maddd hours apart. I love you to death. Never stop calling me everyday when you get out of class or if something silly happens. Those convos are my favorite.

August Update – Photo Heavy!!

In Kathy’s house

I can’t believe it has been TWO WEEKS since I last blogged.

What you’ve missed:

I finished my philosophy course at UVM with Professor Sugarman:

I found this picture of him from googling his name; awesome.

The course was called: Philosophical questions and religious responses to human existence.
It was really interesting.

Out of the texts we read my favorites are:
Camus – Myth of Sisyphus
Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning
Sartre – Existentialism as a Humanism

I think we all know by now; I’m an existentialist. I would love to go into this more later-
George and I took a (short) roadtrip to MAINE! Why? To look for meteors. The real reason? We’ve never been there before. So we drove 5 hours to Portland, Maine, couched surfed (also for the first time) went to the beach in the AM and were back in Burlington that night.

View from the car – I think this is in New Hampshire

This is what a sandy beach in Maine looks like

We just got on the road heading back to VT when George spotted some kids on a bridge. Before I knew what was going on the car was parked and he was already out –

the funniest part about it is: they were next to a sign that said “NO JUMPING OFF THIS BRIDGE”

it didn’t stop anyone.

George’s turn

It seemed strange to me because NO ONE does this back home on the Island.
But they were having fun and the water looked pretty clean so why not?
(I wouldn’t do it though – lol. I’m not much of a swimmer anyway;)

near where the kids were jumping – Maine

On the ride back-

And now for the big news: I AM MOVING TO BURLINGTON. I’ll definitely be posting more about this later. But for a short overview: I’m moving into a small BRAND NEW apartment off of Main Street. It’s so cute (and everything’s so clean!) I don’t know if I’ll be going to school. I don’t know where I’ll be working. I don’t know how I’ll make rent. But! I’m super excited. I love that everything will be new.

sneak peek of the apartment!

The best part?
I’ll be spending more time with this family:

Extra photos from Vermont:

delicious raw food – I hope to get the recipe so I can post it here!

Kathy’s house

Kathy & Todd
Todd, Kathy’s ex boyfriend (from college), came to visit – he was super sweet.

Me &Todd taking silly long exposures

Todd & I

Sara and her son Kiernan; they have a cute blog: here

Random shot of my dorm from one of the first days I moved in.
I have shampoo bottles holding down the rug (it was curling!)

The little bunny I bring with me to my dorms

Sabian at the beach

Headstands on the beach

George collecting spring water @ Stowe, VT

He was preparing food and not ready for a picture – doesn’t he look like a model?! ahah

Group picture before George went on his way to California

Me & George –

So what am I doing right now?

I’m back home – on Long Island! On my way down I stopped in the Bronx to see my good friend Paul. We didn’t take any pictures but you can watch a fun video of him skateboarding: here

I have two weeks before the big move, so I’ve been spending my time with the people I love (and starting now I’m going to take more pictures of us -even if we’re not doing anything special)

Island Life:

Brian moving equipment to a new room in the studio

Remember Men Women & Children? (I used to LOVE them)
This is Jay getting ready to practice with his new band.

Eric with his new haircut

Eric’s tat’s – I loveee the moon

Cigar box guitars – my friends are so creative

Of This Colossal Wreck’s Guitars

Mike being creepy

Paulie, Brian’s dog

Brian being silly

Bean’s hot new bug


Me & Karen

Pickles is so talented – he eats with his paw!

we never trained him to do this – it’s something he picked up on his own & he leaves the floors and counters a mess.

My car crapped out on me (I had to drive it broken 8hrs home) & my fam got a [new] car. A 2002 VW Cabrio! So I’ve been driving the new [well, at least to us] black convertible around. It’s so cute; I’ll take a picture of it for you today.
It was my neighbor, Christine’s birthday on the 8th. We went out to Applebees:

I look terrible, but I feel like I had to post this anyway

&Last night was Bean’s Birthday:

Bean with her cupcake ice cream cake!

Erin May helping Bean cut her cake

Bean & Brian

We had a fun time! I can’t find the [small] present I bought her. I purchased it on etsy and it arrived as I was leaving for vermont. I’m sure it’s here somewhere..

Bean started making little plush dolls.
You can follow her blog here:

&This morning when I woke up (okay, okay, so I got up real late) my necklace was featured on the front page of etsy! Thank you Nichola for putting me in your gorgeous treasury!

I’ve been neglecting my shop so this was a little boost to help motivate me! I still need to find a place I can rent to do silversmithing in VT.

I’ll keep you updated!


P.S. It’s funny how I started this blog thinking I was going to use it for my business and now I only update it as a personal blog. &Does anyone know why I can’t upload bigger pictures to my blog? Every time I import them they show up so small!