I know I haven’t posted anything

That’s because I’m sick with the flu. I think my immune system was weak because of the pain medication I was taking from my surgery that I got the flu. So I’ve been stuck in bed for over a week. ):

I’m hoping to get better soon and make it back up to Vermont.


the more i write in my journal, the less i want to write in my blog


We welcomed the new year at Bean’s house. We talked of things we always wanted to do like road trip cross country &take photos.
via Alyssa Duhe

Well, this is it. Now’s the time to actually start doing things instead of just talking about it. Now’s our time to live.


Last year I decided to give up meat as a resolution – at least for the month of January.
Meat was always my favorite. Especially chicken. I LOVED chicken as a kid. Chicken cutlets, cold cuts, in soup, on pizza – you name it. It was always a conflicting thing being an animal lover and a meat eater. I thought it was so silly how you could be both. 
Brian, one of my best friends recommended the book Skinny Bitch (which recommends a vegan diet.) He had been a vegetarian before he ever picked it up and was okay with me eating meat (he’s such a great friend!) I found the book to be more than interesting but when it came time to describing what they do to animals I had to skip the chapter. Contradiction? I was totally okay to closing my eyes to the industry and continuing to support them. I was essentially made up of things I didn’t want to support – physically.  But for a few more years I continued to eat meat.
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Finally, for my 2010 resolution I decided to give up something I should have given up a long time ago. The first week of 2010 I was a vegan. After giving up dairy for a month I figured it would be easy to be a vegetarian. -This was true at least for me. After being a vegetarian for a month I decided to keep doing it. A year later meat lost all it’s appeal to me. Now I actually find meat to be kinda repulsing. I do not miss it.
I realize that diets are different for everyone. And a diet that might be better for me may not be the best thing for you. However, I do encourage you to try something new, even for a short amount of time. Sometimes you don’t know how you’ll adapt to something if you never try it.
I’m extremely proud of myself for not only trying but continuing a vegetarian life.
This year I wanted to start the new year with another week of veganism. Now that I think of it I might actually try to go the full month of January. We’ll see. 
What are your resolutions?

Okay blog, let’s chat.
I know I haven’t been around much; after my last final my computer got a virus which made it completely unusable. So I was focusing on getting all my orders mailed out on time and making it home to New York. I was delayed a few days due to the snowy weather but all is well. I’m now writing from my parents’ home on Long Island on my new Macbook!

Some of our Brazilian relatives are staying in NYC this week and spent Christmas Eve &Day at my house. The Greek family +Brian came over Christmas Eve (like always.) I don’t know why but I never really take everyday pictures when I’m home on the island. So the few pictures that are here are what my mom took on her point and shoot.

Brian, Angie &I

Me &Aunt Barbara
Flavia, Felipe & Gustavo
Silvia &Flavia

Christmas was a hit this year. I think my family liked all the VT gifts I got like maple syrup, bag balm and warm socks. Christmas day we took the Brazilians to the beach;

Flavia, Silvia, Felipe & Gustavo
Me &my cam
I LOVE my new macbook but I’m still trying to get my dell to work. I have pictures and things on there that I would like to recover. I don’t know what I’m going to do without photoshop in the meantime.

My dad &I when I first opened my macbook.  -Doesn’t my hair look like a helmet? Lol

Right now we’re snowed in; we got about 2 feet of snow yesterday and it doesn’t look like we’re going to leave the house soon. My neighbor Christine &I want to build an igloo. We don’t really have any of those igloo making tools so we’ll see how that goes.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are keeping warm!


P.S. I have this picture of my great grandmother (my mom’s mom’s mom) in my room. Silvia was the granddaughter who looked like her the most. So my mom took this photo of Silvia:

Update; 121710

My computer got a virus today, so I’m blogging from the netbook (which is why there’s no photo in today’s post.) I hope I can fix it soon! ):

I am officially done with the semester.&I’m almost all caught up on etsy orders. I just finished packing up 30 orders – they are on the table in front of me. Only a few more to go. aaaah!
I just decided to close my shop until January! I’m going back to Long Island (by myself) on Sunday. I’m going to get my wisdom teeth pulled. All four of them.
I was planning on bringing my whole shop home so I could continue to sell/mail out orders but I’ve been working SO hard all month, I think I deserve a little break!
Mae just got up and curled next to me and right now she has her head resting on my leg right next to the netbook. She is too sweet. We are listening to Iron &Wine in the soft glow of candle light. Oh, how I love living in Vermont. 
Remember that mixed cd I said I was going to make and mail out? Well, I haven’t had a chance to do it yet. So, it changed from an autumn mix to a winter one, and I’m going to start working on it when I get home. If you want one just let me know and I’ll mail one to ya 😉
I should get going, finishing packing up these orders, make a to do list for tomorrow and get to bed. Tomorrow is a busy, BUSY day! ah!
Hope you are doing well and keeping warm.

Saturday’s Trip – part two

These are the landscape shots from Saturday’s trip:

I’m from Long Island, where everything is pretty much sea level and urban! I’m still getting used to living in open areas & so close to mountains.  
(okay, I did live in New Paltz but let’s face it, Vermont’s mountains are way cooler!)

We stopped downtown on our way back; here is Church St. right in the city of Burlington


These are some pictures I took of my room the night before I left. I just got that antique dresser. Now I need to do something with that blank wall. I’m thinking about making a burlap bunting. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ve made my space into one of the coziest places ever. I love antiques and I’m thankful that I’m finally living in a place where I can get them easily. The dresser, wooden chest, chair and fold out desk are all antiques (all over 50 years old.) It’s so nice to have history in a brand new space (we’re the first to live in this apartment! It was built over the summer.)

Traveling Swallowing Dramamine

So I’m finally trying this ‘scheduled’ blogging business.
If all goes well this will publish on Saturday while I’m busy driving down to Long Island.

via weheartit; unknown original source
via weheartit; unknown original source

I’m going home for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends. Liza, Sean and the kitty are coming with me. We’ll be hangin’ out for a few days and then each part our own ways early in the week. Mayonaise will be staying with me until I come back up to Vermont on the 29th. Ah.

She will be meeting my kitties back home; Pickles and Fattie, along with my mom’s cocker spaniel. I’m confident she’s going to be loved by all and there won’t be any big problems.

Liza and I will be getting a haircut. When Liza originally said she wanted to go short, I didn’t think I wanted to. But now I think I need a big change with my hair. I’m thinking something like this, maybe:

Lifted Industries

Then maybe I can finally wear one of Rachael‘s pretty hats:

They can be purchased on etsy!

Well, I’m going to try to keep you updated while I’m home, but something tells me I just won’t have time too.
I’m going to be posting a LOT of pictures when I get back. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!


P.S. Did I mention Bean‘s going to be shooting me at her studio?
Keep an eye out! 😉