My life as of May 6th

Okay, time to blog about my life -which I’m not really good at. In this post I’ll give you a sneak peek into my life. We’ll see how it goes.

My life has been pretty crazy since January. So many things are changing for me. My mom went to brazil over a month ago to take care of my grandmother. I wish I had better news as far as that goes, but I don’t. So please keep my family and my grandmother in your thoughts. It means a lot to me.

Okay, so with that being said, my mom came back this week and I feel like I haven’t had a second of free time since.

As a start, I’ve been working hard on new sterling silver necklaces. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a tooth necklace and now I finally have one up in my shop; I love it! It’s weird, kinda creepy but definitely unique.

I am currently featured on Newsday which is a Long Island Newspaper:
here’s the online article

My dad helped me get my typewriter working and I wrote my first letter to my friend Kati who lives in California. (I met her on a cruise years ago and we keep in touch. I’m trying to get her to open an etsy shop too! Fingers crossed!) The letter was barely a page long and it was mainly me rambling on about how typewriters don’t have exclamation points. It took me a half hour to write a page, which is crazy. I never used a typewrite before but I loved it! And I hope to use it a lot more. (p.s. i haven’t taken a pic of my typewriter but how cute is this typewriter charm?)

I took a PMC (Precious Metal Clay) workshop and it was so cool! I finally got a torch and stuff for it so I plan on making much more. These are the pieces I made this past weekend:

My favorites are the “e” and the square “xo” (that’s the one i wear around my neck.)

I’m also taking a jewelry making class (I don’t remember if I mentioned that in the past) and we’re doing a lot of metalsmithing and whatnot. I made a hammered brass ring and a thin copper ring but this past Monday I started with sterling silver. I made a sterling ring with an Aventurine cabochon. It came out a lot better than I had expected (considering I never worked with silver like that before.) I have to take a picture to show you guys.

Looks like I’ve been a busy bee making all these new things; I made this earring display from a bamboo sushi board (and you see all the new earrings I need to photograph for the shop? I think they’re a pain to photograph so I’ve been putting it off. Lol) I love the way it came out and I want to make another. because: I’m doing a craft fair next month! I’m splitting a table from my friend Genna (dexterousdesign) and I’ve been going crazy trying to find the right way to display my items.

So I splurged and bought this beautiful jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters; it is gorgeous! I’m so glad I got it. Last week I bought this earring stand from them too -I’m addicted! I need to photograph my shadowboxes too. I think the way you display/store your products is important: especially with jewelry.

Oh! Oh! I applied to a new college today. It’s nothing big. Actually, it’s just a local state school. Both my parents were professors there and it’s no big deal, but I’m looking forward to actually going back to school. Hopefully I’ll transfer to somewhere better in the future but it’s a starting point.

&&&My best friend, Jessie, got accepted to STUDY ABROAD IN LONDON. So congrats to you, Jess! I love you so much and I’m sooooo proud of you! xoxo

&Here’s a silly cinco de mayo picture of me and her from highschool:

Stay tuned! I’m doing a giveaway soon and I’ll be posting the details 😉