Printing Labels with PayPal

Okay, so I finally figured out how to print labels with PayPal onto self adhesive shipping labels – no tape needed. Perfect.
So my main problem when printing out labels on PayPal was the label would print on one half of the paper and a receipt on the other side.  I never use the receipt so to me this was a bit of a waste. If this happened with the self adhesive paper it would mean only using a half of the labels I bought. But I figured out how to get rid of that annoying little receipt – which meant two labels per page.
Start off by going to PayPal and clicking “Print Shipping Label.” 
Enter in all the information and hit ‘continue’ (I got my scale right from the Post Office, although I’ve heard  some people use a food scale.) The next page will confirm your information. Then go to where it says “Printer” and click “Edit Printer Settings.” &On that page just unclick “print receipt” It’s that simple!
I still stick with the laser/ink jet printer even when printing on the self adhesive labels and I haven’t run into any problems.
&Thankfully once you’ve set this up you shouldn’t have to do it again. (:

I’ve heard there are ways to print international shipping labels online.
Does anyone have any experience with this?