I’m supposed to move up to Vermont THIS FRIDAY.
(I don’t know if that’s going to happen because I’m having a tooth problem, but let’s ignore that a second.)

our kitchen

The apartment is brand new. Which means I don’t think I can paint it. My bedroom is mainly white, and really very pretty. I’m thinking about going for an all off white/oatmeal color scheme.

in my room – that’s the closet, so pretty!

Some things I want to get:

minimal bed frame. perfect. (all i need is a mattress!)

under bed storage. i need it.

i love how this lamp looks when its on. it’s really warm.

i’ll need some heavy duty curtains since you can see into my room from the parking lot

and girlie curtains because well, I might be the girliest person i know when it comes to decorating.

This is the bedding I wish I could have. Bean has it and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

a picture I stole right off of Bean’s tumblr of her in her bed. (Don’t kill me, you look great! ♥)

Another bedding possibility.

This one’s real pretty too. So many options! (all of which I can’t afford. ahah)

I can’t find it on the website anymore but this is the bedding I have now. I love it but it’s really thin and I know I’m going to want something heavier for vermont. That’s why I’m thinking a down comforter from let’s say Ikea and then a pretty duvet. Fluffy beds look so comfortable. always.

Just found this on the target website. It looks pretty. I’ll have to go check it out.

The Bathroom;

our bathroom

The bath rug I wanted to get;
luckily after sending her the link my roommate says she loves it so I need to go get it!

She also really likes this shower curtain, so it looks like I’ll be getting it too!

It’s 3:30am so I’m going to have to say goodnight. Tomorrow I’ll post the cups I wanna get. :X


Oh, oh! I’ve been busy making rings and things. Here’s a peek of what I’ve been up to:

These are already in the shop!


I lost power the other day.

I loved not hearing the sound of all the electronics humming; I wished we had lost it for longer than 20mins. I definitely need VT.

But I have to admit, I do love waking up and watching the world cup. I always did love that.

My parents got back from Vegas on Monday and time sure does fly by when you’re home alone! (at least for me, I love time alone.)

All my classes are all finishing up; I made some cool prints (from my printmaking class.) I wanted to post them tonight but it looks like my scanner is acting up – I’ll post them later. promise.

I realized I leave for Vermont in two weeks! &Jessie leaves for London in a few days! Sheesh. It’s all so exciting though. (did you know the song Jude Law and a Semester Abroad was written about her? true story.)

(I’m thinking about selling the ‘displays’ at as discount since they’re a set size.)

I was finally able to take some ring pics! Here’s some of them:

For those of you who wonder about the music variable. I made a mixed cd that I have been listening to everyday:

1. Did You See the Words
Animal Collective

2. Handjobs for the Holidays
Broken Social Scene

3. Sweet Road
Animal Collective

4. The Purple Bottle
Animal Collective

5. 7/4 (shoreline)
Broken Social Scene

6. Ocean Breathes Salty
Modest Mouse

7. Who Could Win a Rabbit
Animal Collective

8. Satin In A Coffin
Modest Mouse

9. Bukowski
Modest Mouse

10. Mouth Wooed Her
Animal Collective

11. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Broken Social Scene

12. De-Ceit (Portugal the Man)
The Sound of Animals Fighting

13. The Softest Voice
Animal Collective

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


P.S. Okay, okay, Jude Law isn’t really written about my Jessie. It could have been though!

&My friend Arielle (yes, the poet) recommended I watch this video of Anis Mojgani; it’s one of her favorites: Milos

Two Rings…

okay, okay, so I’m still working on pictures of the rings but I’ve got two to show you:

The amethyst ring:

The aventurine ring:

They will be in the shop hopefully by the end of the weekend. (:
&Thank you for all of the support! xo

Randoms: dolls, rings &my journal.

Last weeks photo class was at Coindre Hall and I haven’t really looked at my photos yet. Here’s the only one I’ve looked at and mildly edited:

I have to hand in the rest by tomorrow so I’ll post them here then.

When my kitty, Casey, died I ordered a custom doll from Evangelione (it’s supposed to be me & him. Look he’s even got the diamond on his forehead.) How cute is it?! It’s extremely well made – she pays careful attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier -I love it!


I love going through her blog and seeing all the new things she comes up with. (Sometimes she’ll even post pictures of the whole process, which I love to look at.) These are some of the cute things she has made:

Everything in this little box is handmade. Isn’t that impressive?!

&Look at one of her newest dolls, it’s in her shop for only $38:

I wanted to take some pics of my new rings to show you guys but the lighting wasn’t very forgiving today (it’s been rainy the whole day.) So I took a few shots but the pics aren’t great; Think of it as a sneak peak. I’ll have better pics up by the end of the week.

They’re stacking rings, so you can pick which ones you want to wear depending on the day.


Rhodonite & Red Coral

Jasper & Blue Goldstone
&Here is my journal. I love buying pretty notebooks but I usually save them to write something special in (and I never write anything special so they usually just sit on my shelf.) This time I decided ‘I don’t care, I’m going to use it anyway!’ and I try to write it in every time I get an idea for something. Sometimes creative things come to me, a lot of times they don’t ,but either way I love actually using this thing -sometimes it just feels good allowing yourself to write in the pretty notebook rather than the really cheap one. lol

and lately I only use old photographs as bookmarks.
I have a collection of all this random old snapshots and now I finally figured out one use for them.

The song that is stuck in my head at the moment: Consolation Prize by Julie Doiron.
I think the video is pretty creative too.


P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I really want to get into UVMs summer courses!
I’ll find out in a few days if I can go.