Saturday’s Trip – Photoheavy.

Yesterday, I woke up and there was snow dusting on the ground;
Sean needed to go to Bolton to get his season pass for skiing.

 So Liza &I joined him, taking along both my camera and my mom’s camera (that I brought up to VT.)

First things first. I bought a cheap remote for my canon. It doesn’t work as well as I would like but it makes pictures in the car more fun~

Texting Bean!

While Sean was getting the pass Liza &I had fun taking pictures of eachother:

The drive back was soo pretty:

&of course we stopped to see the camel. Which meant we had to park our car and walk;

yes, that’s right. Sean was crazy enough to go out in flip flops. Way to go, Sean!

Thanks Liza, for the teeth shot-

Then we headed back to the car;

&took some more pics in the parking lot

We headed back home while the sun was setting in the city~


some pictures from the LI beach (&showing off our new haircuts!)
featuring: Liza, Sean &Myself

I deserved it.

This is what I look like after being spun around over and over upside down.
He’s lucky I didn’t throw up on him.

So it’s 3am and I still have to pack up a few orders and get them out before I go to sleep. My friends just went home; we were playing risk.

Yesterday’s photo class met at Morgans Park (Glen Cove.) I haven’t gone through all of the photos yet but here are the first few that caught my eye:

Long Island was formed by glaciers so the north shore is rocky (seen here) and the south shore has much finer sand with a lot less rocks (like those photos I took at the beach last week.)

&look how cute this tiny bunny is; he was just hanging out in the park:

Speaking of bunnies, I found this picture on flickr today and I think it’s the cutest:

via flickr

I’ll post the rest of the pics tomorrow (hopefully!)

Hope you’re all doing well!

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P.S. I’m featured in this Kaboodle Newsletter! (thanks Cristina! ♥)