abandoned mansion part ii featuring Brian, James, Jessie &I

one of my faves





Thanks James for being my model; this is my other favorite shot of the day


Today James &I went to this abandoned mansion.

All the windows and doors were boarded up on the first floor. All the windows on the 2nd floor were broken and completely open. We wanted to get in soo bad!  Then we found this opening in the boards:
We tried to see in but it was sooo dark since no light could get in. We didn’t have a flashlight or any external flashes so we used the little built in flashes to see inside. 
It was dark, mysterious and creepy. After deciding that we didn’t think anyone else was inside we headed in. The opening was small – you had to have some good moves in order to get through. The best way was trying to get your head &a leg in at the same time. As soon as we got in we both used our flashes to see as much as possible. As soon as we decided the coast was clear we heard a girl’s voice. 
Back outside we went.
We went around to the front to see two kids with cameras. We nearly scared them to death. “YOU, were scared?! We were the ones who were INSIDE the building when we heard you!” I think they were kinda relieved to have met us – they were still in high school.  It was nice to have two more people with us; safety in numbers.
The first floor was still creepy but a little less now that there were four flashes going off. We began to feel more comfortable and adventurous. Light was spilling in from the open windows on the second floor. The stairwell was illuminated but still too dark to shoot. James & I went upstairs;
What we found was incredible. A playhouse of sorts. Cups & cigarette boxes, broken glass, paint peeling off the walls and the ceilings, graffiti… It was so fun and surreal. We had a grand time looking through all of the rooms. There were a lot of, “Come look at this!”

 Bathrooms; we must have found over 6 bathrooms. All of them pretty destroyed.

We found another staircase leading up. This time it was pretty dark – James &I went up together. Most of the wood was sturdy but there were a few broken holes where you could see through the boards &into some of the rooms:

It was also fun to run around and shoot each other from different rooms. The four of us must have been pretty loud.
We got familiar with the place and realized if I stand in this room &you go out onto the balcony, I’ll be able to get a good picture of you. & If I stay in the attic and you go down to the main stairwell I can get a shot of you from above:

It was definitely a place we’d like to go back to earlier in the day. We went late in the daylight and it was all overcast. We want to go back before noon so the light spills in from the opposite side. What a beautiful place.

this is a photo of me before we got in the building that James took:


Bean showed me this awesome website today:

The Camera Lens Mug

So clever!

The White Balance Lens Cap

I wonder if this lens cap is as accurate as an expodisc. (Although you can use the expodisc for different size lenses) 

The Diana Lens

‘I really want this Diana lens. I think it might be really cool to shoot digital images like this – I have a 120 Diana (film camera) that I never use, although I love look of lomography.

Spy Lens

A FAKE LENS! Just like the one Paul Strand used to shoot with. I always thought that was so cool.

You can find these &other fun products at  Follow them on tumblr & twitter 


Remember this picture of Kathy &Sabian?

These are Sabian’s photos from that day:

Sabian York, 8 years old
Sabian York, 8 years old

Sabian York, 8 years old

See the original post: here.


Earlier today, I handed in the photos I took on my Halloween shoot. It was my first ‘professional’ shoot. I learned a lot. Most importantly I learned that I am capable of taking nice shots and I should be charging more than $35 an hour (don’t worry, it was a friend of a close friend, I was worried about charging too much. – never again.) I feel a lot more confident about it and maybe when I feel like I have more free time I’ll look into doing it more.

The photos we were taking were for senior portraits. Look at these pretty ladies:

These girls are not only beautiful, they super sweet and really fun to work with!
Over the weekend I took a lot of new pics for the shop, I just love the way they look:

That background is that old chest I got at the antique store. I love it; it’s my favorite. It makes a beautiful rustic background.

I was looking at my shop today -with all the different backgrounds. I feel the cohesiveness come back with more of the wooden chest backgrounds. I should really redo all of the photos. (*Etsy tip: ALWAYS be willing to change your shop; specifically the looks. I think it’s super important to always be willing to redo your photos and striving to make them better. This, in my opinion is vital.) One thing was off. The banner. I hate changing my banner but I knew I had to. I decided to stick with something simple:

What’cha think?
I like it. I should redo my pictures so they look like it. Ah, so much time goes into this. I know I’m getting paid a lot less than minimum wage. I should really increase my prices. I put so much into this. I am learning.

For all of you etsy sellers:
You deserve more than you think; it’s easy to underestimate yourself.
Try your best to not fall into that trap. You know what you put into it.


We were just hanging out in candlelight which is something we do almost every night, but this time I was smart enough to take my camera out and start shooting Liza. She looked so pretty (okay, okay, she always does, but there was something that was special this time.)

Anyway, I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but I like them. I like the soft light of the candles and how they’re almost out of focus. I like how they’re natural and fun. I like how beautiful Liza is, and how cute Sean can be when he wants to. I will definitely be taking my camera out more often; I love how natural pictures look (posed are sooo cheesy!) Thanks Liza & Sean for letting me shoot you! &Thanks for being my best friends up here.

Photo Heavy

Somehow I only manage to find time to write on this thing at 3am. Good.

Long story short:

Today me and my friends; Karen and Jessie, decided to take a ride to Robert Moses beach. Once we reached the beach from walking in the green we put our shoes by the stairs (we weren’t really expecting to go on the sand – we were just going to see the deer,) we walked down by the water, looked for shells (we got a few for Rachael,) took lots of pictures of Karen (she was the model of the day) and continued to walk further and further from our shoes. We figured it would be okay, since there wasn’t many people there (we went around 6:30pm.) The entire time we were looking down for shells or concentrating on the photos.

Karen found a shell for Rachael

Jessie found a sanddollar!

Karen wanting to feel the ice cold water


This is my favorite shot of the day; Karen

Jessie doing what she does best

I have the cutest friends -hands down!

We must have walked further than we thought because at one point I lifted the camera to take a picture of Karen (who was behind me) and I realized there was a naked man in the water. I turned around and there was a naked man right in front of us. Turns out, we walked all the way to the nude beach. We were surrounded by naked men (of course the creepy one insisted on walking next to us slapping his butt. I swear he wanted us to take pictures of him because he kept modeling. We kept ignoring him and continued to look for shells on our way back.) We must have looked like creeps too. Walking along a nude beach completely dressed with cameras! Oops! Once we realized we headed back though.

Besides the bizarre encounters we had a good day. Got some nice pictures (Karen used to be camera shy, and I bet she still says she is but I think got some pretty shots!) We got to see a wild deer close up and then later at night me and Jessie took some more long exposures.

it says “e”

being silly in front of the cam

with Jessie

I still have much more pics to show you, but I figured I should show you the ones from today by themselves. I’ll write tomorrow (+more pics). Promise.


I’ve seen so many ships sail in…

We have one chance

One chance to get everything right
So lately I’ve kept to myself a lot. I’m having a hard time replying when people convo/text me. It’s not that I’m insensitive or that don’t care. It’s just I have a lot going on in my head and I don’t really know the right things to say. It’s hard to get the words out, even though it sounds silly now that I’m typing it. I guess I just need time.
So, remember that website I found? I’m addicted. I love looking through it; such beautiful inspiring pics for sure:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about art. I decided to go to a state school next semester. One that isn’t known for being crazy demanding so I can continue to take art classes at the Art League. Lately I’ve been really inspired to be creative and I love the idea of continuing down that path while still getting a degree in say business [management.] &I really hope to take more art history classes. I’ve actually been thinking about posting small art history tidbits. It’s something that I loveeeeee to learn and talk about – but I usually end up boring the people I’m around. They don’t understand how I can find something as boring as ART HISTORY so fascinating. So maybe I’ll have to take out my textbooks and refresh my memory and do little posts. Maybe.

But for now here are some of my recent (okay, so maybe the snow one was taken in March..) photos that I haven’t put up on the blog yet:

We have one chance
One chance to get everything right
My friends, my habits, my family
They mean so much to me
I just don’t think that it’s right
I’ve seen so many ships sail in
Just to head back out again and go off sinking


P.S. I had my jewelry making class tonight and I made another Aventurine ring – this one was for my mom. Maybe I’ll put them in my shop as a ‘made to order’ since I can only make them in my Monday class.