True Story: Airplane

When I was younger, I’d say no older than 7, I was flying with my mom. I couldn’t tell you what month it was but I remember the feeling- being overwhelmed by the amount of people in the small space. 

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I immediately closed my mouth and held my nose.  When my mom noticed she asked me what I was doing I told her I couldn’t breathe because all the avaliable oxygen was already in someone else’s lungs. My mom was not only surprised that I said that, being how young I was, but she was as disgusted. Then we both had to endure the whole plane ride – with limited oxygen. 
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I don’t really remember much about that day. I just remember the feeling; I remember the feeling too well.


When I say I want to be a philosophy major I’m often asked, “why?” 
It’s hard for me to explain, and that’s the exact reason.
Philosophy has always been apart of me and I’ve always known it, but I’ve had a hard time explaining it to others.
For a while I thought there was no way to explain all these intense emotions and thoughts. For a little while I even accepted the idea that no one could understand the things I felt &thought solely because I couldn’t communicate it.
Then I took my first philosophy class. Intro to philosophy: classics. It was boring as hell, sure. But it was there I learned that through this kind of education I would be able to communicate my thoughts. It helped me reorganize the way I stored information. Taking philosophy classes have not only made me think about things that (I think) are extremely interesting, but it has helped me with understanding, writing, debating, communicating and most importantly: connections. It keeps me on my feet; the way playing chess or practicing calculus everyday keeps you on your toes, thinking, connecting the dots. Everything’s connected. With philosophy I’ve been able to draw parallels in my life. See the unity. Feel it. Know it.
origin: the Greek word ‘philosophia’ 
which literally translates to “love of wisdom” 
(Yes, the name Sophia means ‘wisdom.’ Which is why it’s my favorite female name.)
Like my other post said, no more hiding it, it’s coming out now. No matter how personal it may be to me. (even if no one else sees it as personal~)