I have the most wonderful roommate who modeled some necklaces for me:

Unfortunately she works 9-5 so we’re never together when the sun is out. We might be able to shoot more one day before she goes to work. Thanks Liza for helping me!

Sale + November Necklaces

So I’m trying the ‘Etsy on Sale’ App. Pretty cool if you ask me. The sale ends tomorrow.

To be honest, this whole ‘Sale’ thing has been rough. It’s hard to balance my life with my etsy store. If you ask me, most etsy sellers don’t have their prices high enough (me included!) I’m not getting paid enough for the time I put into it. I’m going to need to figure something out.

Anyway, here are some new necklaces!

They’ll be added to the shop starting Sunday~


Earlier today, I handed in the photos I took on my Halloween shoot. It was my first ‘professional’ shoot. I learned a lot. Most importantly I learned that I am capable of taking nice shots and I should be charging more than $35 an hour (don’t worry, it was a friend of a close friend, I was worried about charging too much. – never again.) I feel a lot more confident about it and maybe when I feel like I have more free time I’ll look into doing it more.

The photos we were taking were for senior portraits. Look at these pretty ladies:

These girls are not only beautiful, they super sweet and really fun to work with!
Over the weekend I took a lot of new pics for the shop, I just love the way they look:

That background is that old chest I got at the antique store. I love it; it’s my favorite. It makes a beautiful rustic background.

I was looking at my shop today -with all the different backgrounds. I feel the cohesiveness come back with more of the wooden chest backgrounds. I should really redo all of the photos. (*Etsy tip: ALWAYS be willing to change your shop; specifically the looks. I think it’s super important to always be willing to redo your photos and striving to make them better. This, in my opinion is vital.) One thing was off. The banner. I hate changing my banner but I knew I had to. I decided to stick with something simple:

What’cha think?
I like it. I should redo my pictures so they look like it. Ah, so much time goes into this. I know I’m getting paid a lot less than minimum wage. I should really increase my prices. I put so much into this. I am learning.

For all of you etsy sellers:
You deserve more than you think; it’s easy to underestimate yourself.
Try your best to not fall into that trap. You know what you put into it.

Less than a week before I have to move into my dorm and I still have all my stuff in boxes from the last time I moved home. Tomorrow I have to clean, clean, clean and then I’m going to (vegetarian) bbq with Bean for the 4th! I still want to make some more rings and things so I can sell some from my dorm (any requests for stone colors & sizes? Lol.)

I also have some molding clay that I want to experiment with; I don’t know if I’ll have time to do that before I go but maybe I’ll take it with me.

Okay, okay, on to the visuals:

this is a pic Bean took of us shooting yesterday. We look like we’re in the middle of nowhere.

&this is just a silly one of me (that bean took too.) I have no idea what happened to my bangs. ahah

I know I posted this yesterday but this is Bean!
You can follow her: here
This is my first ‘fan photo’ -Thanks so much Rachael for taking this to show me!
(P.S. I finally saw Diana yesterday which means you’ll be getting a picture of your hat real soon – she LOVES it! ♥)
An aventurine ring I made for Rachael of Talk2thetrees

These are some of my new necklaces:

They will be in the shop soon.


P.S. These are some of the photos I took a few years ago at the same place we went to yesterday:

This was the building we did the portraits in yesterday. They are tearing the place down. This building was gutted and now the garage doors are gone – along with the boats. Light spills into it beautifully now; it has so much potential. I wish I knew how to capture it. I want to go back!

&My room is starting to look like a bedroom and not a storage room. ahahah I don’t think it’s been totally cleaned out since I left for college (when I say clean, I mean every drawer & corner clean.) So pictures up soon -hopefully!

and, and, check out this clever comic by A Softer World: