Marlin’s Big Day

I have a story for today,

So Jessie (the best friend) picks me up today and we’re on our way to get our eyebrows waxed (which is why we haven’t showered, and still look like messes.) On the way there I thought I noticed something on the side of the street by my neighbor’s house. I asked her to stop by on our way back.

On the grass next to the sidewalk there is a little bird. All puffed up & with feathers missing. Now, I’ve always been one to find baby/hurt animals (my parents think I’m a magnet. What can I say? I love animals & hate people. lol) but I honestly don’t know anything about birds; but I did know that when they’re puffed up that usually means they are sick. So without thinking I went up to it. the bird walked away slowly but didn’t try to fly. Jessie took a towel out of her care and before we knew it we were on our way to the closest vet that we knew took care of wild animals.

One look at the bird and the woman behind the counter laughed at us. She said that he wasn’t sick at all – just a baby who was learning how to fly and showed us that his feathers were just growing in. We felt like idiots – neither of us ever saw a baby bird learning how to fly before. Excited we got back in the car to go return him where we found him. Driving back we decided his name was Marlin Puff (Jessie thinks all animals need middle names.)

We made silly videos (in silly voices) of us trying to get Marlin to fly. He flew but didn’t get much height and drifted to the ground. So cute! (We never made videos like this before. Please excuse us.)

After the videos we put marlin in the little box we had (with a towel) because it was chilly out (in the 50s here in NY.) &we left him under the bushes where he kept trying to run. in the videos. We figured we’d check on him in the morning to make sure all was well with him. A few hours later I decided I couldn’t wait until the morning. It was already dark and cold and although I didn’t want to interfere, if he was still in the box I wanted to bring him in my garage (not the house -we have kitties!)

When I got there he was sound asleep. As I walked him around the corner to my house he moved a bit and let out a big yawn (so cute!!) So I brought him in and turned off the light. I found out mourning doves only eat seeds so I went out and bought a bag of small bird feed thinking I’d leave only a few next to him. When I went inside the garage it looked like he had already passed. Marlin was a sick birdie &that was probably why he was all puffed up and in the street in the first place.

At least we tried to help him. He was loved.
It looks like it was Marlin’s Big Day after all.

P.S. Please no sad comments! I know we did what we could, and would like to think of the positive things. (: