Modest Mouse

And the people you loved
But you didn’t quite know
And they’re the places that you wanted to go

 I cannot stop listening to Modest Mouse. They have been a recent obsession.

 But we were the people that we wanted to know
And we’re the places that we wanted go

This week my favorite songs are:
Here it Comes
Styrofoam Boots
Heart Cooks Brain
Tiny City Made of Ashes
People as Places as People
You’re the Good Things*
3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters
Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Paper Thin Walls

*has always been my favorite MM song~

One time, it had to have been in 2004, I went to an acoustic John Nolan/Kevin Devine show at the Downtown (Farmingdale, NY) and after they finished the venue said they could stick around and play whatever. So both John and Kevin did Modest Mouse covers for the rest of the night. At the time I wasn’t familiar with any MM songs but I loved every second they played and laughed. It was a small show but hands down one of the best shows I ever went to. Now I finally realized why someone would want to play Modest Mouse for hours.