When I can, I will

Yesterday I got a call from Liza, while she was at work; 3 words, “There’s a cat…”

Somehow, cats always end up in my life. There’s a cat is a phrase I’ve grown used to. 

“Yeah, of course”

The last cat I took in was a little tortoiseshell back when I lived in a dorm.

Ortie in my dorm, Nov 2008

“She’s a calico; she’s living in a laundry room. She’s over in Plattsburgh -in one of the apartment buildings. Sometimes she’s in the hallway, or outside. Where ever she is, she’s stuck. The doors are always closed. She’s declawed; she can’t defend herself or scratch up our furniture. I think we should take her.”

3pm today Liza walks through our front door with a cat carrier.

“Mayonnaise!” Liza LOVES mayo. “Franki, Petra, Penelope!” Each time we went back to Mayo. “Mayonaise. One ‘n’ like the song.” Mae.

I asked Liza what the song, Mayonaise, means to her:
“that’s such a filled question. It means I need to learn how to take my time and not feel rushed and to be content with what I’m doing NOW rather than what I feel like I SHOULD be doing.”

Living in the present~
Which is kinda funny because we don’t know what’s going to happen in a year when our lease is over. Maybe we’ll decide to live together again, maybe we’ll go our own ways. We don’t know what’s going to happen to Mayo. But right now we can give her a home.

Here Mae is. Less than 12 hours and she already found a home in our hearts.

Sean &I went to the ceramic studio &he made her a food and water dish. So sweet – thanks Sean!

This is Bailey. She hangs out at the open studio.

&some extra pictures of Liza making a yoga sign; she wants to start teaching in our apartment. Another expense means another reason to find creative ways to make $$.

watching Liza paint

watching Sean do yoga