The Witches Brew

A few nights ago Karen &I took a ride out to the Witches Brew – one of the late night coffee houses on Long Island.
It’s known for it’s gothic theme – it’s dark &intimate. 
A warm, cozy environment complete with ‘christmas’ lights and candles.
It is filled with old furniture – most of the seating are couches and old armchairs.
They have an old piano in the front, antique mirrors on the walls, dead flowers hanging everywhere and they even opened up a small store in the middle:

the shop is fairly new – I’ve only been in it once while it was open.

If anything, their menus are a bit difficult to read, but you get the hang of it. 
They have a nice little Vegan section too – which is always a plus!

 Karen &I decided to share waffles &a banana split:

and of course they were delicious!

 Oh, the witches brew. One of the few places I miss about Long Island.


via Jian Wei Lim
I’m writing this post from bed because I’m sick. ):
Every time I get sick there’s a warning. And every time I choose to ignore it and say this time’s different; my hair will hurt. If I have it up in a hair tie it’ll hurt and feel sore. Weird, huh?
a street near my house; taken by Christine
Anyway, my hair hurt this morning and I ignored it and went out anyway. Christine &I built an igloo. Or at least started to. We want to finish it tomorrow but I guess it depends on how I feel.
me: climbing out of our igloo
Me &Christine
Thawing with hot chocolate
We had a good time.
I just ate an orange & took some medicine – hopefully when I wake up I wont have a fever anymore.

some pictures from the LI beach (&showing off our new haircuts!)
featuring: Liza, Sean &Myself

I deserved it.

This is what I look like after being spun around over and over upside down.
He’s lucky I didn’t throw up on him.

Photo Heavy

Somehow I only manage to find time to write on this thing at 3am. Good.

Long story short:

Today me and my friends; Karen and Jessie, decided to take a ride to Robert Moses beach. Once we reached the beach from walking in the green we put our shoes by the stairs (we weren’t really expecting to go on the sand – we were just going to see the deer,) we walked down by the water, looked for shells (we got a few for Rachael,) took lots of pictures of Karen (she was the model of the day) and continued to walk further and further from our shoes. We figured it would be okay, since there wasn’t many people there (we went around 6:30pm.) The entire time we were looking down for shells or concentrating on the photos.

Karen found a shell for Rachael

Jessie found a sanddollar!

Karen wanting to feel the ice cold water


This is my favorite shot of the day; Karen

Jessie doing what she does best

I have the cutest friends -hands down!

We must have walked further than we thought because at one point I lifted the camera to take a picture of Karen (who was behind me) and I realized there was a naked man in the water. I turned around and there was a naked man right in front of us. Turns out, we walked all the way to the nude beach. We were surrounded by naked men (of course the creepy one insisted on walking next to us slapping his butt. I swear he wanted us to take pictures of him because he kept modeling. We kept ignoring him and continued to look for shells on our way back.) We must have looked like creeps too. Walking along a nude beach completely dressed with cameras! Oops! Once we realized we headed back though.

Besides the bizarre encounters we had a good day. Got some nice pictures (Karen used to be camera shy, and I bet she still says she is but I think got some pretty shots!) We got to see a wild deer close up and then later at night me and Jessie took some more long exposures.

it says “e”

being silly in front of the cam

with Jessie

I still have much more pics to show you, but I figured I should show you the ones from today by themselves. I’ll write tomorrow (+more pics). Promise.