Mansion part iii


Today we went back to the mansion because we love it so much; I have a feeling it might be closed by the next time I come to NY so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Karen came along to help me practice my portrait skills. Thanks Karen! xo


Today I decorated Bean’s tree with her &Brian. Look how cute we are!

Brian, Bean &Me

 Later Karen &I watched Wristcutters: A Love Story.

Me &Karen
Brian has been telling me to watch this movie for a while now; it’s one of his favorites. I need to start listening to Brian more; he knows me more than I realize.

The 18th

fast forward to Wednesday, the 18th.

Jessie & Karen

Got two hours of sleep and by 5am Jessie was at my house – beach time!

& since me and Jessie both had our cameras Karen modeled – like usual. (:


Karen &I

Jessie &I cracking ourselves up

Usually a few times a year we go to Jones beach for the sunrise. It’s a wonderful time to take portraits:

After the beach, we didn’t sleep and ended up driving upstate with Brian. Our destination was New Paltz but of course we stopped in Sleepy Hollow. I didn’t take many pics on this trip but here are the few I got:

New Paltz, New York


doesn’t it look like it’s winter?

I’ve been working hard on the shop and I plan on listing a bunch of things before I move next Friday! eee

a silver monopoly house I was commissioned to make

More later!