Earlier today, I handed in the photos I took on my Halloween shoot. It was my first ‘professional’ shoot. I learned a lot. Most importantly I learned that I am capable of taking nice shots and I should be charging more than $35 an hour (don’t worry, it was a friend of a close friend, I was worried about charging too much. – never again.) I feel a lot more confident about it and maybe when I feel like I have more free time I’ll look into doing it more.

The photos we were taking were for senior portraits. Look at these pretty ladies:

These girls are not only beautiful, they super sweet and really fun to work with!
Over the weekend I took a lot of new pics for the shop, I just love the way they look:

That background is that old chest I got at the antique store. I love it; it’s my favorite. It makes a beautiful rustic background.

I was looking at my shop today -with all the different backgrounds. I feel the cohesiveness come back with more of the wooden chest backgrounds. I should really redo all of the photos. (*Etsy tip: ALWAYS be willing to change your shop; specifically the looks. I think it’s super important to always be willing to redo your photos and striving to make them better. This, in my opinion is vital.) One thing was off. The banner. I hate changing my banner but I knew I had to. I decided to stick with something simple:

What’cha think?
I like it. I should redo my pictures so they look like it. Ah, so much time goes into this. I know I’m getting paid a lot less than minimum wage. I should really increase my prices. I put so much into this. I am learning.

For all of you etsy sellers:
You deserve more than you think; it’s easy to underestimate yourself.
Try your best to not fall into that trap. You know what you put into it.