All Nighter

Here I am, pulling an all nighter to finish my last final; philosophy/intro to ethics. (That’s right, after tonight I am officially done with the semester!)
After doing 5 hours of community service (I worked at the local food shelf) I have to write a 7 page paper relating my volunteer work with Strength to Love by Martin Luther King Jr, +3 other works we’ve discussed.
Then I have to make a creative element &ethics- I’m planning on doing something with photography. I’ll probably post them here if I like them.
Anyway, I’m writing here to start clearing my head. (Writing on my blog calms me down and helps me start focusing, I like it.) Mayonaise is laying next to me &I have highlighted photocopies all over my bed. I’m listening to Iron &Wine and getting ready to shut down my computer while I read/write. (Somehow writing in a notebook always helps with staying organized opposed to typing on a computer – at least for me when it comes to school work.)
Those who are going to school, congrats with making it through another semester! If you’re not done with finals yet I wish you luck! (We’re in this together, right?   -ah, Ethics!)
P.S. Kathy – I will be happy to watch Sabe Saturday. I’ll try to call you today, but if you read this before I get a chance to just send me a text letting me know when you want me to be there. xoxoxo