Busy, Busy

I’ve been busy making new earrings and listing them but perhaps I should focus more on getting the orders I’ve sold out and then list the earrings after Christmas.

You know what etsy should make? An option to add to a queue. So we can write up the listings and they will automatically publish without us having to be at the computer. That would be splendid.

Want to see the new earrings I’ve been working on?

most of these are already in the shop.
I think the next time I’ll be adding new items is after the new year. We will see.

Friday Morning~

This morning I decided to take some pics around the apt for my blog:

outside the windows

a little festive?

two of my best friends from home~

Mae being cute

And then I saw the FedEx truck through my window – and my supplies came!

So many new gemstones! I was late for class because I lost track of time organizing them.

Later on Liza helped me find matches among them. Sometimes it’s hard to find two that match to make earrings!

Anyway, I am pooped.
I made 114 earrings today. (which sounds like a lot more than 57 pairs.)
Looks like I have plenty of items to photograph tomorrow!


Gemstone Earrings

*Because it is a natural gemstone, each pair will vary slightly in pattern – making each one unique!
That’s what I used to have written in most of my gemstone stud listings.
I didn’t like that much, but it was time consuming to photograph every stone.
Well, I finally did it. I made about 50 pairs of earrings the other night. So today I shot them; I had a system down. It was good.
I decided to take photos of each individual pair with the gemstones that vary the most.




I think I’m going to post all the new ones to my facebook page. So if anyone wants to reserve/request any specific pair they’ll be able to.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to get them all edited within the next few days~