Who likes mixed cds? I used to make a playlist for every holiday. And then mail it to at least 10 of my favorite people. I doubt anyone really listened to it. But I always put a lot of time into it. Matching songs according to the way I was feeling. Listening closely, deleting songs, editing it. Only keeping about 11 or so. I want to make more mixed cds. I want to pair them with photographs. Capturing the feeling of November, or December, not the holidays specifically; I’m not a big holiday music person. It doesn’t do anything to me.
photo by radiodiamond
Anyway, if you want a mixed cd just let me know; I decided I’ll send one to the first 4 people who respond. (send me an email with your address xoErica[at]live.com) I’d love to send you one. I just hope you like modest mouse. (and I’m doing this at my own pace. &I’m terrible with getting things done on time. Just as a heads up~)