Printing Labels with PayPal

Okay, so I finally figured out how to print labels with PayPal onto self adhesive shipping labels – no tape needed. Perfect.
So my main problem when printing out labels on PayPal was the label would print on one half of the paper and a receipt on the other side.  I never use the receipt so to me this was a bit of a waste. If this happened with the self adhesive paper it would mean only using a half of the labels I bought. But I figured out how to get rid of that annoying little receipt – which meant two labels per page.
Start off by going to PayPal and clicking “Print Shipping Label.” 
Enter in all the information and hit ‘continue’ (I got my scale right from the Post Office, although I’ve heard  some people use a food scale.) The next page will confirm your information. Then go to where it says “Printer” and click “Edit Printer Settings.” &On that page just unclick “print receipt” It’s that simple!
I still stick with the laser/ink jet printer even when printing on the self adhesive labels and I haven’t run into any problems.
&Thankfully once you’ve set this up you shouldn’t have to do it again. (:

I’ve heard there are ways to print international shipping labels online.
Does anyone have any experience with this?



Earlier today, I handed in the photos I took on my Halloween shoot. It was my first ‘professional’ shoot. I learned a lot. Most importantly I learned that I am capable of taking nice shots and I should be charging more than $35 an hour (don’t worry, it was a friend of a close friend, I was worried about charging too much. – never again.) I feel a lot more confident about it and maybe when I feel like I have more free time I’ll look into doing it more.

The photos we were taking were for senior portraits. Look at these pretty ladies:

These girls are not only beautiful, they super sweet and really fun to work with!
Over the weekend I took a lot of new pics for the shop, I just love the way they look:

That background is that old chest I got at the antique store. I love it; it’s my favorite. It makes a beautiful rustic background.

I was looking at my shop today -with all the different backgrounds. I feel the cohesiveness come back with more of the wooden chest backgrounds. I should really redo all of the photos. (*Etsy tip: ALWAYS be willing to change your shop; specifically the looks. I think it’s super important to always be willing to redo your photos and striving to make them better. This, in my opinion is vital.) One thing was off. The banner. I hate changing my banner but I knew I had to. I decided to stick with something simple:

What’cha think?
I like it. I should redo my pictures so they look like it. Ah, so much time goes into this. I know I’m getting paid a lot less than minimum wage. I should really increase my prices. I put so much into this. I am learning.

For all of you etsy sellers:
You deserve more than you think; it’s easy to underestimate yourself.
Try your best to not fall into that trap. You know what you put into it.