Quick post before curling up

Okay, so my new read, Breakfast of Champions (Kurt Vonnegut) awaits me and so I have to make this post quick;

These are for you, Amy. These are the pictures of the first sterling silver ring I ever made. I know it’s not perfect (but I have to admit, it came out a lot nicer than I had expected.) I think the band is too thick, makes the whole ring seem too geometric. I used a bezel cup (I guess that means I cheated!) and a 6mm soft green aventurine stone.

I can’t wait to make more. I’m actually thinking about investing all the $$ I saved up for the materials I need to make this stuff at home (like the basics for soldering and a tumbler!) But it may be a bad idea considering I have access to all this stuff at school (art league.)

Speaking of the art league… I had my photo class last night – we did stop action. We made a mess but had a lot of fun. This is my best shot from the session:

&I got a pic of the typewriter; I love how mechanical it is. My dad is a mechanical engineer and this shot reminds me of going down to his workshop and learning about all the different machines he had when I was a kid.

Can you tell I’ve been busy taking a lot of pictures? I have been inspired many times before to take at least one picture a day. I’ve tried shuttercal for the new year (twice!) and taking pics everyday once I moved into my dorm. Every time I stopped. Not for any reason, but I just got bored after a while. Some of you know Danielle Moser – she is doing a photo a day for the entire month.

I love her photography and not only is she inspiring but her photos are motivating me. Check out her blog: Biscuit.

With that being said – expect more photos from me. Even if they’re casual. I want to capture things with character, or at least a little bit of my personality. 😉

Oh! As I was checking my analytics today I found this site was referring to my blog: weheartit.com it’s like a collection of photos that people favorite. Indie meets High Fashion kinda thing. I like it, gorgeous to browse through – so many talented photographers compiled together. I’m flattered that it was referring back to my little blog but I wasn’t able to find which photo was featured – I wonder if it was even mine (I always link back to the source if the photo isn’t mine – like the one above, gorgeous, huh? I wish it were mine. lol)

And now to read. then sleep. mmmm.

P.S. I can’t resist posting a video (well an audio – but youtube is great for that too!)

reminds me of the period in between infatuation and getting to know someone. beautiful.