my parents on my dads birthday

It was my dad’s birthday this week. He’s one of the first days of Virgo. Happy Birthday, Dad! Thank you for being so supportive. It means a lot to me. I hope this year is wonderful; I know you were the one who always wanted to move to Vermont, so I hope you’ll find time to visit me at least twice this year. Love you!

(It was also my good friend, Billy’s birthday. But I don’t have any pictures with him. That’s just one of the things that will have to happen before I depart on MONDAY – yeah, it was delayed.)
I really wish I had more time to write on here. I’ve been busy packing! (okay, buying things for the apartment more so than actually packing what I already have, but that’s a different story.)

Here are a few things I recently got:

I didn’t get two of the same bowls/cups/plates because I like it better when they’re all a little different

and maybe it’s silly but I really want this jar for cotton balls:

I went to the oral surgeon today. I am going to need to have my wisdom teeth removed but it’s not urgent. So, I’m aiming to get them done in the winter. (I think the surgeon thought I was crazy when I asked if I could keep the xray. It made me want to buy a real mouth xray to hang up. I don’t know why I thought it was so lovely. – He gave me a copy instead. I tried to scan it to put it up here but my scanner is being wacky. I really don’t know why I thought it was so cool.)

These aren’t my teeth but aren’t wisdom teeth xrays cool?! Mine were two squares.
I love square formatting!

I applied to a community college up in VT, I just need to get transcripts and everything sent there, it’s all pretty exciting.

I have been busy with my etsy shop, and making rings. It’s been really fun and I’m looking forward to getting settled in so I can start putting a lot more time into it and getting ready for the holidays!

After I listed this necklace, I realized it was the last glass evil eye I had:

and even though I know I should really be trying to make $$ to pay rent, I kinda hope it doesn’t sell because I wish I could wear it (after all, I am half Greek!)

Anyway, I really should go to sleep because I have a doctors appointment in less than 6 hours and Brian has a show tomorrow night that I’m hoping to go to. &You would just die if you saw the status of my room. It is sooooo unbelievably messing. My suitcase is wide open and there’s clothes everywhere. But the fluffy sleeping kitty on my bed makes everything seem a lot more comfortable.

This is the one I’m reading now

Also, I started reading Catcher again. (while waiting in the doctors office.) And it seems like things are just getting better.

and this is the one i read in high school

I’ve been highlighting every book I read. I used to only do that for school, but now I’m making it a habit to do it all the time. Oh, the things we can do while reading is still traditional (verses the Kindle & the ipad. My parents swear by them both but I prefer holding real books.) I think that when you share books after you’ve highlighted it makes reading less lonely for the person reading. Especially when it’s for leisure and not for studying.

more later!