First Friday Art Walk

I went to the First Friday Art Walk last night (okay, confession: I didn’t really go on the walk, I just stopped by Trinket.) Lisa from Elle.Paisley is featured this month at Trinket on Church St (Burlington, Vermont)

Lisa next to her jewelry


Lisa’s work

her display and artist statement

Jon Turner is also a featured artist at Trinket

Jon’s Work
his artist statement
Jon’s was talking about how he is raising money, “Help our baby out” which was a clever pun [i assume him and his partner came up with] because they are going to have a home birth and need help with funding. He was talking about doing a poetry reading of sorts with typewriters. I liked where he was going with it. I hope it happens and I’d love to go.

This is Nicolette; she works at Trinket and didn’t like the idea of me taking pictures of her.

chairs on the walls; I love this display

I’m not sure whose art this is but I’m going back to find out and when I do I’ll post it on here for sure

I love this picture of Lisa -it kinda looks like she has cute little bunny ears.
kinda like ArtMind‘s sculpture

This was my first time at Trinket and I loved it! Such a cute little store.

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Lisa moved to Burlington only a week or so before I did. I love that she’s been getting involved with the community – it’s something that I should be looking into. Thanks Lisa for being an inspiration and inviting me! Your display looks great! xo


So, let me tell you something that I think is really strange~
I’m following a handful of people on tumblr who I don’t know; mainly because I love looking through the pictures they post (I have a nice collection of really cute cat photos I’ll have to show you one day thanks to them!)  I was on my dashboard yesterday and came across this pic:
Here’s the weird part: I know this house. Actually, I’ve always thought it was funny as a kid when I used to visit Vermont. (I always did wonder how they managed to get the circles so precise and clean.) Right now I probably live a mile away from it. 
The weird part? I don’t know the person who posted it. I don’t even know if they live in America. I highly doubt they live in Vermont or even know the person who took the photo. (they did get the photo from this flickr)
Anyway, last night Liza, Sean and I went downtown to the yoga studio so they could practice (while I read) because Liza had to clean it. Of course I brought my camera and got this shot of church street; I think it captures the mood well.
Do you think it’s weird that if I don’t blog a specific day lately I’ve been adding the blog under the time and date I wish I wrote &published it?