Art Hop!

The other day I was featured in Lisa’s Burlington Art Hop! treasury. It was very exciting that she found me considering I JUST moved to Burlington. Anyway, Lisa from ellepaisley told me to stop by and say hi – so I did! I didn’t have much time to go, but I ended up catching the very end. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so these are pictures I’m taking from etsy:

It was so nice to meet Lisa and her partner. They just moved to Burlington too! (But they moved from Portland Oregon – which is funny because I’m thinking that might be my next destination after Vermont. We’ll have to see about that though.) They were both so friendly and helpful, I can’t thank Lisa enough for contacting me in the first place! Her items were so pretty laid out next to each other – I really wish I had brought my camera.
I met Kacey from subsixstudios briefly and she was so nice! She runs a show in November that I’m going to be applying to (keep your fingers crossed for me!) Her items all looked so cute and it made me realized I don’t even know how prepared I would be to sell things in person!

COOBoriginals had a table there too, but when I was around he was busy talking to potential buyers so I didn’t want to interrupt. All of his items were made from old skateboards! Neat, huh? People around here are pretty creative.

The Vermont art scene is turning out to be pretty cool and I really hope to figure out where to start when it comes to selling items in person! (:

Oh, oh, oh! My roommate, Liza, and I were talking about how cool it would be to weave our own scarves. So impulsively we bought a beginner tabletop loom! Neither of us know anything about it so, it should be fun when this thing comes in the mail!