Today James &I went to this abandoned mansion.

All the windows and doors were boarded up on the first floor. All the windows on the 2nd floor were broken and completely open. We wanted to get in soo bad!  Then we found this opening in the boards:
We tried to see in but it was sooo dark since no light could get in. We didn’t have a flashlight or any external flashes so we used the little built in flashes to see inside. 
It was dark, mysterious and creepy. After deciding that we didn’t think anyone else was inside we headed in. The opening was small – you had to have some good moves in order to get through. The best way was trying to get your head &a leg in at the same time. As soon as we got in we both used our flashes to see as much as possible. As soon as we decided the coast was clear we heard a girl’s voice. 
Back outside we went.
We went around to the front to see two kids with cameras. We nearly scared them to death. “YOU, were scared?! We were the ones who were INSIDE the building when we heard you!” I think they were kinda relieved to have met us – they were still in high school.  It was nice to have two more people with us; safety in numbers.
The first floor was still creepy but a little less now that there were four flashes going off. We began to feel more comfortable and adventurous. Light was spilling in from the open windows on the second floor. The stairwell was illuminated but still too dark to shoot. James & I went upstairs;
What we found was incredible. A playhouse of sorts. Cups & cigarette boxes, broken glass, paint peeling off the walls and the ceilings, graffiti… It was so fun and surreal. We had a grand time looking through all of the rooms. There were a lot of, “Come look at this!”

 Bathrooms; we must have found over 6 bathrooms. All of them pretty destroyed.

We found another staircase leading up. This time it was pretty dark – James &I went up together. Most of the wood was sturdy but there were a few broken holes where you could see through the boards &into some of the rooms:

It was also fun to run around and shoot each other from different rooms. The four of us must have been pretty loud.
We got familiar with the place and realized if I stand in this room &you go out onto the balcony, I’ll be able to get a good picture of you. & If I stay in the attic and you go down to the main stairwell I can get a shot of you from above:

It was definitely a place we’d like to go back to earlier in the day. We went late in the daylight and it was all overcast. We want to go back before noon so the light spills in from the opposite side. What a beautiful place.

this is a photo of me before we got in the building that James took:


From Sunday’s Adventure (featuring me & Liza)

Liza, my roommate

a little snake we found



taken by Liza


how cute is she?!

Teapot cloud

The ultimate roommate picture;
this cracks us up.

Our loom came yesterday! We’re planning on buying yarn today-
(I can’t wait to buy hand spun yarn on etsy!)