Less than a week before I have to move into my dorm and I still have all my stuff in boxes from the last time I moved home. Tomorrow I have to clean, clean, clean and then I’m going to (vegetarian) bbq with Bean for the 4th! I still want to make some more rings and things so I can sell some from my dorm (any requests for stone colors & sizes? Lol.)

I also have some molding clay that I want to experiment with; I don’t know if I’ll have time to do that before I go but maybe I’ll take it with me.

Okay, okay, on to the visuals:

this is a pic Bean took of us shooting yesterday. We look like we’re in the middle of nowhere.

&this is just a silly one of me (that bean took too.) I have no idea what happened to my bangs. ahah

I know I posted this yesterday but this is Bean!
You can follow her: here
This is my first ‘fan photo’ -Thanks so much Rachael for taking this to show me!
(P.S. I finally saw Diana yesterday which means you’ll be getting a picture of your hat real soon – she LOVES it! ♥)
An aventurine ring I made for Rachael of Talk2thetrees

These are some of my new necklaces:

They will be in the shop soon.


P.S. These are some of the photos I took a few years ago at the same place we went to yesterday:

This was the building we did the portraits in yesterday. They are tearing the place down. This building was gutted and now the garage doors are gone – along with the boats. Light spills into it beautifully now; it has so much potential. I wish I knew how to capture it. I want to go back!

&My room is starting to look like a bedroom and not a storage room. ahahah I don’t think it’s been totally cleaned out since I left for college (when I say clean, I mean every drawer & corner clean.) So pictures up soon -hopefully!

and, and, check out this clever comic by A Softer World:

I lost power the other day.

I loved not hearing the sound of all the electronics humming; I wished we had lost it for longer than 20mins. I definitely need VT.

But I have to admit, I do love waking up and watching the world cup. I always did love that.

My parents got back from Vegas on Monday and time sure does fly by when you’re home alone! (at least for me, I love time alone.)

All my classes are all finishing up; I made some cool prints (from my printmaking class.) I wanted to post them tonight but it looks like my scanner is acting up – I’ll post them later. promise.

I realized I leave for Vermont in two weeks! &Jessie leaves for London in a few days! Sheesh. It’s all so exciting though. (did you know the song Jude Law and a Semester Abroad was written about her? true story.)

(I’m thinking about selling the ‘displays’ at as discount since they’re a set size.)

I was finally able to take some ring pics! Here’s some of them:

For those of you who wonder about the music variable. I made a mixed cd that I have been listening to everyday:

1. Did You See the Words
Animal Collective

2. Handjobs for the Holidays
Broken Social Scene

3. Sweet Road
Animal Collective

4. The Purple Bottle
Animal Collective

5. 7/4 (shoreline)
Broken Social Scene

6. Ocean Breathes Salty
Modest Mouse

7. Who Could Win a Rabbit
Animal Collective

8. Satin In A Coffin
Modest Mouse

9. Bukowski
Modest Mouse

10. Mouth Wooed Her
Animal Collective

11. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Broken Social Scene

12. De-Ceit (Portugal the Man)
The Sound of Animals Fighting

13. The Softest Voice
Animal Collective

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


P.S. Okay, okay, Jude Law isn’t really written about my Jessie. It could have been though!

&My friend Arielle (yes, the poet) recommended I watch this video of Anis Mojgani; it’s one of her favorites: Milos

Changes; Mistakes aren’t always Regrets

I changed the layout of my blog because I hate that the only kinds of pictured I was able to upload had to be small. But I feel like this one may be too wide. And I’m going to need a new banner.

Does anyone else read A Softer World?
I was browsing through their stuff today and remembered how much I love this one.

Update: I’m going back to the old template for now.