New Turn

The bad news: the price of silver is rising – faster than I had imagined. My main supplier cut at least half the supplies I was relying on (for my shop) from it’s inventory and raised the price on the few that was left. Looks like I’m going to have to raise my prices on the limited quantity that is available. (This applies to my necklaces only, as of right now it looks like my gemstone earrings will be unaffected.) 
The good news: I’ve been wanting to get into something a little bit more creative to sell in the shop. (I’ve even considered opening a new shop!) I’m investing in new photo supplies and have been planning on taking a ceramics class this semester. Since I’ll have to find an income somewhere I’ll be forced to get creative real quick and hopefully be submerged in a new setting over the new few months. I’m just a little scared because I know starting new things means investing money, and it’s been tight.
I’ve already started brainstorming and I’m really excited about this. (okay, kinda scared, but excited!) I just have to make sure it’s something I actually DO and not just something I talk about doing.
here’s to a new year, new beginnings, new creations, new environments & new loves,
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