I gotta make this quick, because I’m procrastinating like usual (another all nighter tonight.)

First off, thank you Mom for sending me that adorable Kurt Halsey magnet!

she got me the one on the top right;
the girl with the letters, mixtape and camera ♥

I love it! It’s already up on my fridge! (:

Shop update:
I really need to start taking my shop more seriously. I listed more earrings tonight (it feels good to have more than 50 items again!)

Cute as a Button – Banana Yellow Earrings

I’m going to start dedicating a few hours each week to sitting down and WORKING. No more flexible schedule stuff. This is business.

I have to get back to schoolwork. I’ll keep you updated!


P.S. Happy Birthday to Kelsey, John & Brian! I love you all. ♥


Nostalgia v.s. Realism

I’ve always been conflicted when it comes to letting things go. As a pisces and an artist I tend to romanticize even the littlest of things. I bury things away in little nooks and crannies until there is no more comfortable space for the new.

I’m learning how to appreciate the past and let it go. To romanticize it still, but only to an extent. To open my heart to new things and people. To not be too filled up already in order to grow and experience without limits.
This year has taught me a lot. During the past 12 months there were five places I called “home” (although none compare to my parents house & my new apartment!) I’ve taken classes at four different schools, and had to deal with death in a whole new way. I’ve opened my heart to new people, some of whom will stay there others who will move in different directions. And throughout all of it I can say I’ve been happy and content. I finally feel at ease even in situations that I thought would really drag me down. Life feels good.
Thank you.

Mine& Wowie’s first shoot together

Wowie the cat, in down dog – reminding you to stretch.

A picture of Wowie that I took while I was in high school.

next to my combat boots



all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Russian Doll cat

Another lovely evening at Kathy’s. How gorgeous is that yellow room?



Thank you Amy! I figured out the photo size thing. To make the photo’s larger you need the “updated editor.” You can get it by going to your dashboard –> settings –> [scroll all the way down] ‘select post editor’ and click “updated editor.” This will give you the option of changing the size of the photos (after you’ve uploaded them) from small to x-large. It has a lot of other cool features too including bulk photo uploaded – it’s about time!

New Layout

Most of you know I’ve been wanting a new blog layout for a while now. I woke up feeling sick (I think I’m getting a cold) and I think it has something to do with the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. So, I decided to stay in, sleep + relax and just take it easy in general. I was playing around with the layout and this is what I came up with. It’s simple and clean. Most importantly I got rid of the linen look! (I used to love that texture, but I need change!)

What do you think of the new layout?

Better than the old one?

I was hoping that when I imported pictures from my computer they would come up a little bigger than they did on my old layout. I don’t think they are though. Any advice on how to change this?


Liza &her mom, Chris

Chris, Liza’s mom, spent the weekend up here with us. (She lives in southern Vermont.) I met both her and Liza at Kathy’s yoga class in July. Although I didn’t spend much time with her this weekend it was nice having her around. I’m sure I’ll be seeing her more often. (:

how cute are they!?

this little guy went back home today too-



I’m going to start off by saying this is the most delicious veggie burger I’ve had.
(I think it’s wayyy better than mushroom burgers, traditional veggie, imitation chicken….)

I’ll admit you can always find these in my freezer. (They’re easier to find in VT than NY.) They’re so good with cheese, lettuce, avocado, etc etc. mmm. Even my meat eater friends love them.

Today! I went to the harvest market in Underhill with Sean. It’s still weird to me how rural Vermont is. Living in the ‘big city’ of Burlington still seems rural compared to what I’m used to. When I leave Burlington I’m always overwhelmed by the amount of empty space. It’s incredible.

Anyway, Jackson – the pup I’m dogsittin‘, is asleep in my bed. &I haven’t sleep enough in like a week. I really need to start taking care of myself when it comes to sleeping. There are certain things you just can’t cut corners with- it catches up to you. I will post pictures of the harvest market when I have some free time (I’m hoping tomorrow!)



So busy! I’m behind on EVERYTHING.
But! I’m dogsittin’ this pup for the weekend, so I can’t complain. (:

photo taken by Kathy, his owner.


From Sunday’s Adventure (featuring me & Liza)

Liza, my roommate

a little snake we found



taken by Liza


how cute is she?!

Teapot cloud

The ultimate roommate picture;
this cracks us up.

Our loom came yesterday! We’re planning on buying yarn today-
(I can’t wait to buy hand spun yarn on etsy!)