Sabian at the beach yesterday

This has been the shortest, craziest week ever. & somehow it was so laid back that it was wonderful.

Long story short – I might be moving to Vermont in less than a month. I find out on Sunday – if it’s a go I’ll post more details.


I’m still working on papers (it’s only 11pm and I’m almost done with my coffee… soon I’ll be completely submerged in these books!)

I took a break today and went to the beach – okay, okay, it’s a LAKE, but it has sand like a beach does….

Me &Kathy

George &Me

I haven’t written about George yet, but I’ve been kinda living with him @ Kathy’s house (he’s Kathy’s roommate.) He lives a super healthy lifestyle and blogs about it here: I’ll be writing more and posting pictures of him later…

&here is Sabian, the only kid I’ve ever really gotten along with.
(Look you can see his goggle marks! ahaha)

He is my fave!


I’ve been playing around with photoshop actions – I like this one:

P.S. There’s talk about driving to Maine tomorrow night… I really hope it happens! (:

Also, if you haven’t yet go check out Rachael’s new boots; they have rubber bottoms! Awesome!
check them out: here

I have hundreds of pictures to go through (mainly from the yoga studio) and no time to do anything.

Vermont feels like home. I don’t want to leave in two weeks. ):

this is a random picture from today:

The lens I ordered should be arriving tomorrow, I have papers due tuesday (I really should be reading the texts and writing them now…)

and then hopefullllly by Friday I post some more studio pics.



I was teaching Sabian about long exposures:

i have 3 faces in this one – which sabe thinks is hysterical

First Saturday at Kathy’s

I lovelovelove everything about Kathy’s house:

Kathy asked me to take pictures at her yoga class (teacher training) so here are a few from Saturday:

Kathy in the bottom left corner

Kathy teaching..

& a few extras:

at the end of the day i went to take a picture of the house being built on Kathy’s block and noticed there was a rainbow above it.

There was a boy who

Laid tea bags on my eye lids when I felt sick

Made me soup, made me sandwiches

Prayed between the curtain of my pelvis

And always stayed

right where I could see him.

He left me love notes on my kneecaps and napkins

Held my face like a dove that could save us

He raised rosebuds along my cheek bones

Hand fed me, home grown

All organic and only honest

We did yoga in the morning.

But then there was a boy I liked better

with cigarette and dial tone breath

he called me collect and I answered

first ring, for nearly three years

but you can’t speak poetry to a payphone.


Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom & her best friend, Mario, when they were in college

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you so much for everything; like accepting all of my decisions (even if you don’t fully agree with them) and talking to me about EVERYTHING. It means a lot -more than you know. Sorry I’m not home for your birthday – Hope you had a really great day.

Up to Vermont

So I finally got my internet connected at Kathy’s house. I’m still having connection problems in my dorm so my internet is still limited. That’s okay though-

Let’s back up to last Saturday. Brian, Karen and Eric came by (in that order) to talk to me & keep me company while I [didn’t] pack – which was wonderful. As usual, I got very little sleep and managed to leave the house before 11:30AM.

Karen sitting on the couch while we waited for Eric

It worked out because right before I left the mailman came by and the ribbon I bought on ebay arrived just in time! There was traffic until I passed the Bronx (typical) and then it was pretty smooth sailing to New Paltz. I met up with Arielle and showed her the Brother typewriter I had gotten her (along with the mentioned ribbon.)

Arielle opening the package with the ribbon;
before I set the white balance – can you tell?

It was a rather lucky day, because not only did the typewriter work great, but my friend Brian (I know this can get confusing; different Brian than from before, English major. New Paltz Brian. Brian K.) was procrastinating a long drive up north to his parents’ house in Buffalo (NY) and happened to still be there when I got there.

Finding out that it works! It’s electric and had a setting where it would type out exactly what it could do.
It was real neat watching it type to us on its own.

It was so lovely seeing Arielle; she’s so talented and so pleasant to have around. I love the way she tells stories and how supportive she is. Thanks Arielle! xo

Brian K counting out his rent.

So I ended up talking Brian into waiting for me so we could drive up together. Now, Burlington and Buffalo are a good 8 hours away. And so we drove together to about Albany (and stopped for a coffee break along the way) parted ways, and continued to text until we both arrived at our destinations. Driving in a car next to someone you know makes you feel so much less alone. Thank you Brian for being so wonderful and waiting for me to leave! xo

I decided it might be fun to take some shots while driving.
They’re really bad to say the least but I think we can all agree it was better that I was paying more attention to the road than my camera.

So this is Brian’s little red car on the NY State Thruway.

I continued to take a few shots while I was driving by myself:

This is a storm that I was about to drive into. You can see exactly where the rain starts.

Waiting for a LONG train to pass in the middle of nowhere upstate New York.

Before I knew it I was in Essex, New York. Now this is not a way I normally go, and it’s a rather small town. I was almost out of gas (I’ve been looking for a gas station for over an hour – the only gas station I found was closed), my GPS was not working, I didn’t know my way back to a main road (which was near Lake George – over 1hr away) and I had JUST realized that my moms GPS took me to a FERRY and I couldn’t just drive to Vermont that way. After I little bit of panicking (okay, okay, a was a lot more frustrated than that.) I got the GPS to start working, found a Gas Station that was open and went to go see what was up with the ferry.

@The open gas station

A pretty door at the same gas station taken through the passenger window.

It came around again in 10 minutes. Perfect. I was just lucky that I didn’t get sea sick (which I usually manage to do.) &I was also lucky enough to be on the ferry for the sunset:

Pictures like this always remind me of Ferries. We used to go on them when I was younger.

I was at Kathy’s house within 15 minutes of driving off the Ferry. It was already too late to check into my dorm so I stayed there for the night. Thanks Kath for letting me stay at your house the first 3 days I was in Vermont – even though I did have a dorm I could have stayed at instead. xoxo

Sabe with his new Legos

The next morning Kathy, Scott and Sabian (my Vermont family) went Kayaking, so I drove with them to get some shots.

Kathy & Jackson

Scott putting Jackson’s life jacket on.

Kathy & Sabian

Kathy, Sabian and Scott 


Other than that, my class is wonderful, my professor is great, I’m having such a great time; I adore all the people here and love how much easier it is to breathe this air. I’m not going to want to leave when August comes around (but I think we all already knew that.)

I took some pictures of Kathy’s (yoga) class today, so maybe I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.


P.S. I hope you don’t mind that I posted so many pictures!

I’m having problems connecting to the Internet with my comp (I’m on my iPod) but when I do get my comp going I will put up a ton of pics.

Vermont is beautiful. I lovelovelove everything about being here.


dix heures

Less than 12 hours before I need to leave for Vermont and what have I packed?

Absolutely nothing.
(I don’t even know what suitcase I’m bringing! Lol)

via flickr

Yes, yes, I know. I’m the last minute kind of gal. 8 hour drive (by myself) in a sh*t car (that also needs to be cleaned out before I leave) and instead of getting ready I’m writing a blog post. Typical.

Anyway, after I pack, pack, wash/dry clothes and pack some more (and hopefully sleep somewhere in there) I will be on my way north. I will be stopping in New Paltz – grabbing lunch with Arielle (maybe taking some pics with her) and if time permits we’ll go a little antiquing. Then I will be back on my way up north. Maybe a short stop in Middlebury and then my destination: Burlington. I will be meeting up with Kathy and she’ll be helping me check into my dorm (if it’s too late maybe I’ll do that on Sunday instead.)

By Monday I hope to have gotten somewhat settled, a parking permit and all of my books because class starts that night! I don’t think you’ll be hearing from me before Tuesday but we’ll have to see.

Now I have to get back to packing because my friends insist on coming over when they get out of work. (: