change; it’s going to be everywhere.

I have the most inspiring friends; I’m totally embracing change this summer and I can’t wait to see how things play out.

(One of the most recent pictures of us)
Driving on Long Island – 2010

Jessie left for London tonight, so that means a month and a half without my best friend. It’s going to be hard! We’ve been best friends since the 6th grade –sometimes I wonder what I’m going to do without you waking me up in the summer (okay, not only the summer. You’re the responsible one! lol)

Long Island – 2007

Florida (key west) – 2008

We’ve been to at least 13 different states together – not to mention Rome, Paris, Pompeii and Versailles!

Rome – 2007

Jessie, I know I was supposed to go visit you in London -we’ll just have to go next year. I’m super proud of you for studying abroad by yourself. I hope you have the best time. ♥♥♥

Long Island – 2008

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The Books


P.S. Amy is in England also! Amy, I hope you and your family have an amazing time as well!

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I haven’t had a second to be able to sit down and relax. I don’t even know why I’m writing this now instead of cleaning or something. Another late night? Probably.

how cute is this etching?
When I finish my studio I want to get one to hang up.

Today I went shooting at an abandoned location…

&This is apparently what I look like taking a picture:

(thanks James)

Tomorrow my mom has a biopsy & then we’re going to watch the Brazil vs. Portugal game! (don’t worry, we’re taping it.) Love ya Mom!


I’m really hoping things calm down so I can sit down to edit some pictures one of these days. (I feel like I say that all the time nowadays.)

I lost power the other day.

I loved not hearing the sound of all the electronics humming; I wished we had lost it for longer than 20mins. I definitely need VT.

But I have to admit, I do love waking up and watching the world cup. I always did love that.

My parents got back from Vegas on Monday and time sure does fly by when you’re home alone! (at least for me, I love time alone.)

All my classes are all finishing up; I made some cool prints (from my printmaking class.) I wanted to post them tonight but it looks like my scanner is acting up – I’ll post them later. promise.

I realized I leave for Vermont in two weeks! &Jessie leaves for London in a few days! Sheesh. It’s all so exciting though. (did you know the song Jude Law and a Semester Abroad was written about her? true story.)

(I’m thinking about selling the ‘displays’ at as discount since they’re a set size.)

I was finally able to take some ring pics! Here’s some of them:

For those of you who wonder about the music variable. I made a mixed cd that I have been listening to everyday:

1. Did You See the Words
Animal Collective

2. Handjobs for the Holidays
Broken Social Scene

3. Sweet Road
Animal Collective

4. The Purple Bottle
Animal Collective

5. 7/4 (shoreline)
Broken Social Scene

6. Ocean Breathes Salty
Modest Mouse

7. Who Could Win a Rabbit
Animal Collective

8. Satin In A Coffin
Modest Mouse

9. Bukowski
Modest Mouse

10. Mouth Wooed Her
Animal Collective

11. Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Broken Social Scene

12. De-Ceit (Portugal the Man)
The Sound of Animals Fighting

13. The Softest Voice
Animal Collective

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


P.S. Okay, okay, Jude Law isn’t really written about my Jessie. It could have been though!

&My friend Arielle (yes, the poet) recommended I watch this video of Anis Mojgani; it’s one of her favorites: Milos

So it’s 3am and I still have to pack up a few orders and get them out before I go to sleep. My friends just went home; we were playing risk.

Yesterday’s photo class met at Morgans Park (Glen Cove.) I haven’t gone through all of the photos yet but here are the first few that caught my eye:

Long Island was formed by glaciers so the north shore is rocky (seen here) and the south shore has much finer sand with a lot less rocks (like those photos I took at the beach last week.)

&look how cute this tiny bunny is; he was just hanging out in the park:

Speaking of bunnies, I found this picture on flickr today and I think it’s the cutest:

via flickr

I’ll post the rest of the pics tomorrow (hopefully!)

Hope you’re all doing well!

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P.S. I’m featured in this Kaboodle Newsletter! (thanks Cristina! ♥)

Two Rings…

okay, okay, so I’m still working on pictures of the rings but I’ve got two to show you:

The amethyst ring:

The aventurine ring:

They will be in the shop hopefully by the end of the weekend. (:
&Thank you for all of the support! xo

Vermont is definitely a go! I will be leaving in 3 weeks and plan on staying for a month!

via flickr

I might be living in a dorm or I might be staying with my friend Kathy. Either way I’m so excited and can’t wait to spend some time off the island (I do love everyone here but sometimes it’s nice to get away and explore new things.) And I have to admit I’m really looking forward to spending time with Kathy. She and her family are such amazing people. I usually go to VT at least once or twice a year but when it comes to leaving I’m never ready. It will be nice to spend a few weeks up there. (&Thanks so much Kath for offering to let me stay with you. It means so much! xo)

&I’ll take lots of photos/snapshots while I’m there. promise.
(did I ever mention Kathy’s the reason why I have my SLR+macro lens? She always used to let me use her camera/lenses when I up there and that’s how I fell in love with canon!)

Kathy of YogaVermont

…But that leaves me with one question: what should I do with my shop while I’m away? Should I bring already made jewelry up with me to sell or should I just close my shop for a month?

note: the first photo is from hui+’s gallery. The whole gallery is gorgeous and all the models are faceless which I think adds a lot to the whole collection. I recommend looking through.

"Seeing something you never saw before that was always there but you were blind to it."

Lately it’s been so interesting to me that we try to save everything. Document everything. In an artistic way too. We love to glorify things; the romantics in us take over. Why do we have such a need to preserve and multiply? It’s like surrealism but it’s such apart of our everyday life.

That’s something that I think is so special about artists like Andy Goldsworthy. While most other artists are out trying to translate what’s in front of us into art, he’s creating art that can’t be multiplied (without means of photography+video but even then it’s not the same thing.) He’s creating art that we don’t yet know how to capture. Meanwhile traditional artists are capturing nature onto 2-d or 3-d surfaces that can then be put up in galleries. Even the work he does for galleries fall apart and crumble over time; they are organic and aren’t meant to last. It’s like working backwards. Breaking down the way you think and reconstructing it. Goldsworthy is an art philosopher.

I found some clips of Rivers and Tides on Youtube. The quality isn’t great but it gives you a better idea of what his work is like…

I can’t wait until things calm down and I have time to write more again (or take some pictures at least -gosh!)


P.S. I’ve been searching for this photo to show you -although it’s kind of morbid. I found it on google just now.. Maybe I’ll dig out my notebook again so I can post it here and explain it (with the help of my notes from college.) I don’t want to take this blog in a dark direction but I can’t help but to think about death constantly with everything going on.

These three angels used to be attorneys
It is such a serious thing to me
Oh, how I search through the memories
It is such an experience for me
Silence creating bold letters
Like ‘not’ and ‘better’
These three devils used to be apologies
These three angels used to be monuments
I tried to find that feeling from that letter
From my consistencies
It was such a painful thing to see
When the shadows didn’t bend
Like ‘now’ and ‘then’
These three devils used to be apostrophes
So I destroyed a monument -so what?

I want to make a habit of posting on here at least every other day. I don’t have time now so I’ll just post some images I found during the week.

via weheartit

via tumbler
this kinda reminds me of my dorm last fall. I had photos hung on hemp over my bed like that; I wish I took more pictures of my dorm.

&I love creepy photos. Maybe I’ll have to post more later this week.

I know you don’t want change
But nothing is ever what it used to be
…Grab the rope, hoist yourself up
And drift like ants in hose water

St. Broadrick Is In Antarctica;
The Sound of Animals Fighting

Hope you’re all doing well!

P.S. I finished post office; I love the way Bukowski writes

Everything that came to mind while I sat down to write…

Okay, okay, so instead of reading Nausea (it’s hard to read books that you were supposed to read for school -even after the semester’s over) I decided I needed to read Post Office by Bukowski. I loved Ham on Rye and really wanted to read another Bukowski. Somehow it matches the mood I’ve been in these past few days. So today I actually went and got a library card but the library didn’t have Post Office available so I caved and went to the book store. :X

Ham on Rye is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I was debating which Bukowski book to start which but after reading an amazon review, “…a relatively quick read about a rather painful childhood of Harry Chinaski, a German-American kid with an anti-conformist bent so pronounced that Holden Caulfield would tell him to cheer up.” I knew I had to go for it. I usually have a hard time getting into a book but I could tell I liked Bukowski’s style of writing just from the first page. Ham on Rye has a strong motif of searching for self identity and although it isn’t very optimistic, there’s something comforting and even motivating about how real it is. It’s definitely the kind of book that some people would find offensive; truth, Henry comes off as an asshole but you do feel for him because he is easy to relate to. I can’t wait to start Post Office tonight -which is also about Henry Chinaski (yeah, the amazon reviewer got the name wrong.)

I went to the beach yesterday with Brian and Bean and took a few pics of them. How adorable are they!?

I need to be quicker with my camera, I shouldn’t have cut their feet out. ):

They felt awk in front of the camera but I think this one is really cute

Check out my newest vintage camera:

I love old cameras! This one is a Kodak Starflash Outfit Brownie.
The box reads,”When there’s fun there’s a snapshot.” Love it.

I’m thinking about writing a little about photography. Kinda like ‘understanding your digital camera.’ I don’t know if anyone will read it though. We’ll see.

Look at this beautiful interior I stumbled upon today:

Check out the article I found the picture in: here

I’m in the process of cleaning up the basement and moving all my stuff down here. I can’t wait to be able to paint it and redo it. I wish I had a place this gorgeous to work.

I was debating about whether or not to go down this path, but then I decided to just do it. I love philosophy (did I mention that I’m going to minor in philosophy? No matter where I end up going to school, no matter what my major is, I want to minor in philosophy. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far because that’s what my dad did too.) But I was avoiding the topic because when you discuss philosophy the ‘G’ word always comes up, but I suppose we’ll try to work around it.

Here’s a page out of my notebook:

I’ll explain tomorrow…

&I got my ID for UVM but tuition is a lot more than I had expected. I looked at the other colleges in the area and none of them offer summer dorming. I could always stay in an apartment for a month but I really wanted to stay in a dorm with other students my age. Looks like I’ll have to look into something else to do for the summer..

Oh, oh! I might be going to the Hamptons tomorrow… I just need to convince Jessie to go with me (which is harder than it sounds.) Brian’s going to be working out there tomorrow so I want to use that as an excuse to drive out there for the day. I don’t know why I always find a thousand things I want to do when I have a whole to-do-list I should be checking off. (Those of you waiting for rings they’re almost all done!)


P.S. It’s a funny thing writing a blog. I never used to know what to write about & it seems like the more I write the more I have to write about. Even if it’s all just silly stuff. It doesn’t feel weird anymore to write without having someone answering right away. (That’s always why I prefer to chat rather than email or post on forums. But I’m learning!)

Too Much & Change

So maybe this sounds silly but a lot of times I want to write so much more than I actually do. I don’t know what would be ‘too much.’ Sometimes I need to write about real things, if not for anyone else then for myself.

&No, I’m not talking about worldly current events (enough people are talking about that kinda stuff)
Last night I found out that this kid I used to hang out with killed himself. Hanged himself. He was 26. There are always questions when someone dies but when it’s from suicide we always seem to address the questions to ourselves. Like WE were the ones who could have made a difference. The last time I saw him was over 3 years ago. I wasn’t close to him, but since he was in my friends’ band we all hung out. He was always fun.

I once had a professor who said that social networking sites were strange because it’s like we’re building our own tombstone -and I think it’s so true. After someone dies their Facebook is where people go to mourn. There they can read the things that person once said, look at pictures of them &read people’s reactions to losing that person.

It didn’t feel like he was gone until I saw people posting sad things on his FB. One of my friends even has a video of him on youtube. It’s not a good quality video but it still gives me chills. Man, it sure feels weird to think about it, to write about it. He was one of us.

Anthony, you will be missed more than you know.

Death & reconnecting with nature brings me to….

Andy Goldsworthy. One of my favorite artists of all time.
(Rachael, if you don’t know him already, I know he’ll be your fav!)

Andy Goldsworthy is an ecological artist
-he only uses found natural objects and he rarely uses tools.

His art is always site specific and often is an event that is destroyed by nature over time.

Some say his art is time; the art isn’t only what he makes and photographs but it’s also the way it interacts with nature and breaks down.

icicles (he makes sculptures like this with his bare hands – even without gloves)

“The very thing that brings the work to life is the thing that will cause its death”

“When I make a work, I very often take it to the edge of its collapse, and that’s a very beautiful balance.”

lying in the rain

“The real work is the change”

Although he prefers to work in nature he does occasionally get commissioned for galleries and private locations:

Amazon sells a documentary on his work, Rivers and Tides for a reasonable price.

I highly recommend buying it. You get to watch the making of the art as well as the breakdown. Andy explains his work and it’s so easy to connect with him, he’s such a down to earth person. I watched it in my art class last semester and loved it so much that I bought it to show my whole family. His work is beautiful &he breaks down how we think of art traditionally and reconstructs it intertwined with nature.

I’m sure I’ll mention Andy again in the future.

For now I’m going to rest my head.