Ever feel like

the only reason why you think it’s a good thing is because it’s all made up in your head?

And then you find out that it can never live up to your expectations.

I love A Softer World.

I’ve always been fascinated by

Cemeteries. For some reason I have always associated that creepy/eerie feeling with churches (all kinds) and not cemeteries. To me, cemeteries symbolize more of a natural, honorable feeling.

Some people think that is it disrespectful to walk around cemeteries or even take pictures there; but I think it’s quite the opposite. The most disrespectful thing we can do to those that passed is to forget about them. Tombstones serve as the one last thing [most] people will have to get future generations to think about them. That one moment when you look at a tombstone and say the name out loud or read the dates. Photographs are a way to multiply their memorial, a way to honor them. (Isn’t it weird that after you’re gone it’s up to those who love you to make the one thing you’ll have forever?)

Old cemeteries are beautiful because each tombstone has character and personality much like the people they’re honoring. Each one leaning a different way, some cracked and some with poems and quotes. I think it’s all so cool, not to mention those gorgeous statues/friezes!

I took both statue photos today, at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I hope to have more up soon!

One last thought. You know what I think is creepy? The fact that we put our loved ones in boxes before returning them to the earth. So instead of returning back into a cycle and being apart of other living things they’re stuck inside a box. When I die, I want a thin tombstone (it’s gotta be able to lean!) have the dates written out & I don’t want a coffin. Or maybe just a wooden one. Do they make biodegradable coffins? -Just checked; good news!

I was in love…

…the first time I stumbled upon Marie’s shop – TheBlueBalloon. The nostalgic feeling was overwhelmed by a warm, cozy emotion as I looking through each one of her items.

The shop has been open on etsy for less than 2 months and it is already very cohesive. She found the perfect balance between stationary, photography prints and photography jewelry (Have you seen her photo lockets?)

If you haven’t been to theblueballoon, hurry over there! And don’t forget to congratulate Marie – she is expecting to be a new mother in December!

You can also find Marie on…


I recently was directed by a good friend to a very beautiful blog.
All of the posts included very beautiful photographs, some of which the blogger took, others were ones she found.

Originally I thought, wow, how nice it must be to make such beautiful features and to photograph things in such a light. And then it hit me, we like this because we want to escape.

All of the photos were very white and clean, fluffy and shabby chic. Very rococo, if you will. And it seemed really interesting to me that we’re almost going back to a rococo period. Where ordinary, vulgar life isn’t enough, we need that aristocratic fantasy. This can be seen on etsy – what is featured and favorited over those that aren’t. The ice cream isn’t enough, we need the whip cream and the sprinkles AND the cherry. Very over the top, in an eye pleasing way.

And although those things are eye candy and lovely to look at, is that what I want to convey? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a romantic. I love to Romanticize things (did I mention my favorite painter of all times is JMW Turner?) but I don’t know if that’s the only thing I want to show.

I feel very in between (I’m a pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions and a lot of times I believe two opposing things at the same time.) I guess the point is, I don’t know where to go with this blog – or my life. I don’t know which direction to take.

Would it really be that wonderful to romanticize EVERYTHING in your life? Or would that just be setting ourselves up for a big letdown? What should we focus on?

This is Long Overdue!

So a few weeks ago I received this lovely package from Kelsey – aka WorksInProgress

Even though Kelsey is only 19 years old her store is definitely well put together. WorksInProgress not only has the cutest wrapping (which are perfect for the holidays!) But also the cutest whimsical necklaces, earrings and rings

WorksInProgress has been merging with Kelsey’s other store AKingdomByTheSea where she sells her photographs

Kelsey is a dear friend of mine; she’s always around when I need someone to talk to and has given me great support when I started making jewelry.
I recommend taking a look at her shop! You won’t be disappointed 😉

You can also find her on…