It’s kinda like when you’re looking for the perfect font and you just keep going through, one by one, making sure all the letters look right… and before you realize you’re not focusing on the fonts because it stopped looking like a word. Just abstract forms the way the letters curve and bend and are so geometric.

I guess written language is just an abstract thing too


Struck the Film

So I’ve been really busy with school work and everything, so I don’t have much to write.

But! I found this on twitter & I thought it was really cute. It’s a short film & it’s definitely worth watching. (:

I feel like every still would make a great photograph. Thumbs up to the director of photography!

I hope you enjoy it,



(inspired by her 31st birthday)

Amy has 2 gorgeous etsy shops inspired by vintage. What I love about her shop, PonderandStitch is she found a way to incorporate the vintage look and one of a kind feel into her own handmade items; after finding unique postcards she picks out her favorite quote and hand embroiders both the text and the date onto her cuffs!

& When she makes a cuff with a quote from a postcard she usually includes the postcard in the listing. So you have your lovely cuff & a beautiful sentimental postcard – ready to frame!

She also makes feminine pouches & bags and cuffs with other sayings, or without saying altogether. Her items are handmade with beautiful fabrics with delicate patterns!

Go check it out – she won’t let you down 😉
& her blog:

Amy is very involved with the etsy chat community as well as the blogspot one! She’s always gives feedback and she has inspired me in many ways. Thank you Amy! &Happy Birthday!


Starts September 16th. Ends September 30th.
Winners will be drawn October 1st.

Prize; The winner gets to choose 1 of the following:

1 month Ad Space on my blog
A 16 inch Hope Bunny Necklace
A 5×7 Print of “Autumn Leaves”

To enter:

You must comment on my Giveaway Discussion Board (which means you have to be my facebook fan.) If you can’t think of anything to say tell me if you think I should move my photography prints back into 😉

You can also gain additional entries by:
-Tweeting about this giveaway! (be sure to include my name ‘@LoveEricaPhoto’ so I can keep track of it) Limit: once a week
-Following my blog (be my 66 follower and on..)
-Writing a blog post about it (comment the discussion with your link!) Limit: once
-If someone buys something from my shop and includes YOUR NAME in ‘Note To Seller’ You will gain an additional 5 entries.

How I’ll pick the winner:
I’ll paste the list entries on to get a sequential list of names. I’ll post a pic of the screen so everyone can see the top 5 people. I will notify #1 telling them they have 24 hours to claim their prize (all you would need to do is respond to me via facebook.) If I don’t get a response within those 24 hours I’ll send a message to #2 and so on.

Good Luck 😉


Fishie pt2

I don’t have much to say today. I stayed at home because I felt too sick to drive up to school…

But! Nick took more lovely photos of my fish so I figured why not post (:

you can see her colors much better in these pics – because I finally found my macro lens! (:


So last weekend I got a fishie! She’s a female betta fish. I haven’t thought of any names yet.. (you got any ideas?)

& I’m bringing her to my dorm tomorrow. (:

Women’s Studies

A while back I posted something that has to do with why women and girls don’t feel beautiful.

Although I haven’t figured out exactly how to address that issue – I did receive a few private responses that have really affected me. I’m currently taking my 2nd women’s studies class (Feminist Art and Culture) and so I’m planning on doing a few posts on Feminist issues. (if you have any more ideas please post!)

I wanna start out by saying Americans are generally ‘afraid’ of feminists. Many feminists don’t even call themselves one because they don’t know what the word means. The term feminist can be subjective but I like to think of it in an objective way.

Some people (like the person who wrote my textbook) think right now we’re POST FEMINISTS. which means feminism is over – there’s nothing left to fight for, and right now it’s just the aftermath.

Feminism is the belief that ALL PEOPLE are equal. We are not anti-men (i don’t know why people believe that!) and we fight for the rights of minorities as equals. Not only in this country – but across the world. We don’t think people should be privileged because that means that someone is unprivileged. Everyone should have an equal opportunity.

Today, women are still fighting. Check out this article where a woman was “caught at a cafe wearing trousers.” She was charged with “indecent dress, a crime that carries a $100 fine and 40 lashings” These are the things that are happening TODAY. The way to CHANGE it is to come together and work collectively.

Changes; Mistakes aren’t always Regrets

I changed the layout of my blog because I hate that the only kinds of pictured I was able to upload had to be small. But I feel like this one may be too wide. And I’m going to need a new banner.

Does anyone else read A Softer World?
I was browsing through their stuff today and remembered how much I love this one.

Update: I’m going back to the old template for now.