Storage Rooms

Talk about an exciting week.

Last Saturday I moved into my dorm at SUNY New Paltz. My boyfriend, Nick, came with me the first day to help me move all my stuff from the car up to my dorm on the second floor. The room is nice even though it was 90 degrees in the room (literally – we have a thermostat.) On Sunday, I dropped Nick off at the Poughkeepsie train station and drove 30 mins back to my dorm.

Because it was going to be my fathers 50th birthday that week I decided to go to the supermarket to get him a card. I had told the cashier that I didn’t need a bag thinking I could just carry it out. While I was leaving I realized there was a huge crowd directly outside the door – hiding from the rain (the last time I checked it was clear outside.) So I went back inside, grabbed a bag, pushed my way through the crowd and tried making my way to my car.

I was wearing sandals, good thing because the water was up to my ankles (I was walking ‘uphill’.) By the time I reached my 2nd destination, Radioshack, i had to ring out my hair and my shirt before walking in. Of course since it just started raining everyone looked at me as if I had just taken a shower fully clothed and decided it was a good time to run to the store.

To make a long story short, upon entering my dorm room I realized that big hole over my bed (conveniently not over my roommates – you can tell who made it to the dorm first on move in day) leaks. All over my bed and everything underneath. The school liked to call it a ‘flood’ (although I can’t say it was THAT bad – my roommate’s stuff was untouched)

After a lot of phone calls and emotional PMSing they moved me into the storage room in the ‘jock’ building which is notorious for smelling like a locker room. I had to move all of my stuff from the 2nd floor of my building, across the campus to the 2nd floor where the storage room is – by myself (I can’t carry much – there’s a reason why my boyfriend came to help move me in.)
I was not happy.

A few days later, with my moms help and a lot more phone calls I’m back in my original building, the ceiling and roof are both fixed AND i finally have internet!

So, I plan on blogging a lot more. (:
So you should expect to hear from me sometime this week. Maybe tomorrow.


P.S. sorry for the rant – a few of you were asking about me and I didn’t want to write this more than once so i figured BLOG.

Oh! And I’m thinking about posting some essays I write for school on here – what do you guys think about that? I’m taking some really interesting classes this semester: Elements of Reasoning, 19th Century Landscape Paintings, The Meaning of Life, Intro to Visual Arts & Feminist Art and Culture.


End of summer

So I’ve been real busy getting ready for a new semester and haven’t had much time to blog and whatnot.

So I’m going to leave that up to you.

I wanna know how many of you blog AND have ads on your blog.
&How much you charge per month.

Would anyone be willing to trade a blog ad for my store credit? (


P.S. I’m having a $6 sale in my shop. Mostly earrings – check it! πŸ˜‰

I know I posted a few times today already

but I stayed up all night and found some motivation to get this thing started.

I plan on connecting all of kinds of artists here; Visual, musical, artisans, everyone (including those who just like to enjoy it)

When I reach 100 followers I plan on doing a giveaway! So once you follow me you should keep checking back to make sure you don’t miss anything πŸ˜‰

Do you remember how long you waited until you got that first sale?
Well the following items are from shops that are waiting for their very first sale:

Newbies often ask me what they can do to improve their shops.
If I had to say one general thing I would say JOIN THE COMMUNITY that is right in front of you. The beauty to etsy is that it is an online community of buyers and sellers who are here to help you! I personally love the chat rooms – it instantly connects you to other etsians who offer advice and look at your individual shop. They’re also the ones who heart you and can feature you in their treasuries (etsy galleries.) If you think the chats are too fast paced for you there are always the forums (the business topics usually have the best advice!) Although you can learn a lot from just reading get involved – this is what will help your business the most!

Free Shipping

Oh yeah. I’m extending the Free Shipping thing for blog readers for the entire week. Just write ‘blog’ in note to sellers. πŸ˜‰ I refund through paypal:
(applies only to order $10 or more)

expect more.

maybe layout. maybe pics. maybe features. maybe everything.

I also want to write about some more womens studies topics.

I guess we’ll see.