This is a photo I took a few years ago; I’m glad I found it now.

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I know I haven’t posted anything

That’s because I’m sick with the flu. I think my immune system was weak because of the pain medication I was taking from my surgery that I got the flu. So I’ve been stuck in bed for over a week. ):

I’m hoping to get better soon and make it back up to Vermont.

New Turn

The bad news: the price of silver is rising – faster than I had imagined. My main supplier cut at least half the supplies I was relying on (for my shop) from it’s inventory and raised the price on the few that was left. Looks like I’m going to have to raise my prices on the limited quantity that is available. (This applies to my necklaces only, as of right now it looks like my gemstone earrings will be unaffected.) 
The good news: I’ve been wanting to get into something a little bit more creative to sell in the shop. (I’ve even considered opening a new shop!) I’m investing in new photo supplies and have been planning on taking a ceramics class this semester. Since I’ll have to find an income somewhere I’ll be forced to get creative real quick and hopefully be submerged in a new setting over the new few months. I’m just a little scared because I know starting new things means investing money, and it’s been tight.
I’ve already started brainstorming and I’m really excited about this. (okay, kinda scared, but excited!) I just have to make sure it’s something I actually DO and not just something I talk about doing.
here’s to a new year, new beginnings, new creations, new environments & new loves,
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Less than 24 hours ago I got my wisdom teeth removed. All four. I’ve been numb, sore and swollen, but I’m healing. (&yes, of course I kept the teeth.)

I decided to get myself a present; a Bukowski book:

The only other books I have around are Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut and honestly, I know those are going to be hard books to get into. The Most Beautiful Woman in Town is a collection of short stories by Bukowski. They’re fluid and easy to read, easy to get into. 
I’ve also been writing in a journal I bought last week. I’ve never consistently written in one journal. I usually start then decide I don’t want things written down and leave the journals mostly empty. But I’m going to try to continue this one (thanks Liza for inspiring me.) &Yes, it’s a moleskine, because I think they’re the most inspiring notebooks to write in (I love the off white, starch white gives me a headache.)
Oh, and for those of you wondering about the whole vegan thing: I’m not doing it. Not this month anyway. I’ve decide to postpone the vegan month to another date, preferably one when more fruits/veggies are in season. Karen &I watched Food Inc the other day and I’ve been thinking about maybe trying a diet that’s GMO free rather than dairy free. We’ll see.
If you haven’t seen Food Inc, go watch it! It’s on Netflix waiting for you.
Bukowski is calling – hope you’re doing well.

The Witches Brew

A few nights ago Karen &I took a ride out to the Witches Brew – one of the late night coffee houses on Long Island.
It’s known for it’s gothic theme – it’s dark &intimate. 
A warm, cozy environment complete with ‘christmas’ lights and candles.
It is filled with old furniture – most of the seating are couches and old armchairs.
They have an old piano in the front, antique mirrors on the walls, dead flowers hanging everywhere and they even opened up a small store in the middle:

the shop is fairly new – I’ve only been in it once while it was open.

If anything, their menus are a bit difficult to read, but you get the hang of it. 
They have a nice little Vegan section too – which is always a plus!

 Karen &I decided to share waffles &a banana split:

and of course they were delicious!

 Oh, the witches brew. One of the few places I miss about Long Island.

Long Island Accent

I decided to finally make a video showing my accent. 
Please forgive my awkwardness; this is the first video I’ve made with a webcam!

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught 
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Yesterday I went to the dentist for the first time in YEARS.
I hate the dentist. I hate scraping metal against teeth.

I also went out and bought some prismacolor markers;
French Grey: 10%, 20% & 30%

I am pretty sure I just decided I want a tattoo of a tooth.

I’ve wanted a tooth tattoo for a while but I wasn’t really sure why. It was a thought I let go of when I realized I didn’t have a reason to want it.
Actually, originally I thought it would be kinda morbid to want: Greeks believed that dreaming of losing a tooth would mean someone close to you was about to die. After recalling this yesterday, I realized that this symbolized my philosophy on life. I ran it by my dad, who said that the Greeks believed that dreaming of losing teeth meant change was about to happen – which goes hand in hand with my idea.
Not to mention I love the shape. &How teeth can portray your health and what you eat. It is also directly related to communication.
Ah, sweet tooth, now I just need to decide on a location for you. Then we’ll talk. 
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